The smallest 3D pen

Original author: Lance Ulanoff
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People are actually ready to draw in the air. We gesticulate during a conversation and try to illustrate our words by drawing different shapes with our hands. 3D pens allow you to turn these gestures into tangible, visible objects. The idea of ​​such a device is not new, but current implementations are far from perfect. Recently, a new 3D pen project has appeared on Kickstarter. LIX Pen is small and consumes little power.

Its length is 16.4 cm, diameter 1.4 cm, weight 35 g. Housing made of aluminum. For work, just connect a cable with a 3.5 mm plug to the computer. Printing supplies are based on vegetable PLA fibers, and stronger ABS plastic can also be used. The material is heated to 150 degrees C. The consumable is fed from the back of the pen and is fed to the writing unit in the form of a melt. In air, the material quickly hardens, which allows you to create volumetric contour objects.

The length of each supply bar is 10 cm; it lasts for about 2 minutes of “drawing”. The quality and visibility of the result of such 3D printing depends only on the hardness of your hands, because the curing speed of the material is not too high.

The pen should go on sale for $ 140.

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