Python-digest # 24. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [April 20, 2014 - April 27, 2014]

    Again, a selection of articles, releases and interesting projects about python and nearby technologies. Today there will be Haskell, ninja, clicks, cocaine - in general, everything you need for a good show.

    I do not stop thanking owlman75 for the illustration. Even a vacation is not a hindrance to him. And thank you very much for the news that you send - they help me a lot to believe that the project is not for me alone.

    I ask you not to forget to put pluses - if the post picks them up more than 50 (and I believe that this will happen at least someday), then good-natured will give me money.

    Articles and interviews


    • WxPython basics step by step
      A good selection of 15 videos that covers the basic aspects of building a GUI from installation to adding specific interface elements.

    Interesting projects, tools, libraries


    • Pylint 1.2
      A decent list of changes. Including support 3.4 and restored support 2.5
    • Morepath 0.2
      Now with python 3 support
    • Security update in Django
      Released an update for several versions of Django 1.4.11, Django 1.5.6, Django 1.6.3 and Django 1.7 beta 2 at once

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