+1 GB in Dropbox via Mailbox (now also for Android)

    Hello to all fans of pumping their dropbox :) I
    came across, decided to share with a wide audience. Already been , but only for iOS.
    This time everything is simple.

    1. Download and install Mailbox
    2. Log in from the application under the pumped account (you can not log in to the mail)
    3. We wait a minute
    4. +1 Gb. Profit!

    Checked on Android 4.0.3, took 2 minutes of time.
    An unused application can be deleted.

    PS Just in case, I will add about removal.
    After the manipulations, we log in to the desktop in gmail, climb into the account settings, security , and then we deal with everything unnecessary in the "account access" tab.
    PPS For those who have already received a bonus for the iOS application, there will be no additional bun.

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