Song of Java

    Hello, Habr!

    It is good when there are friends who distract you from routine affairs and push fans and trash into the sea. Sometimes this is born. This is the clip we made for the jug community of developers.

    music Vlad Gorelov
    production - Lectorium studio

    We have been working with for over a year and have recorded a lot of reports. They believe that speakers should be toothy, and reports should be complex. Less marketing, more hardcore. This is one of our most demanding partners. Therefore, we are very interested in them. Interesting and difficult.

    TOP 10 reports per year

    How do we save Java?
    Pragmatics Java Memory Model
    Millions of quotes per second clean the Java
    the Java Memory Model: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Quantum Performance Effects
    Dismembering multithreading
    Magic and high-performance technology: Disruptor and other tricks
    of the Scala language, the complexity of Scala support in the IDE and Play Framework 2.0
    Virtual machines
    to squeeze out server maximum! Java Caching and Data Transfer Techniques

    JPoint 2014

    The clip above was about the JPoint conference, which will be held on Friday. Records of the JPoint 2013 conference - click here .

    Java course

    Well, so as not to get up twice. George Korneev's (ITMO) course on Java is a phenomenal success. If you missed it for some reason - a good reason to fix it.

    But Java in the MOOC format ...

    Massive open online courses from leading universities in computer science? Of course they will. There is very little left.


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