Online hackathon from Naviaddress


This is not a two-day hackathon where you sleep a little and kodish a lot. This is a full ten days to create a thoughtful project. From September 20 to September 30, the global digital address system Naviaddress conducts a hackathon for "long-distance programmers". As a finishing ribbon - a prize fund of 400,000 rubles.

Who are we

Naviaddress is a platform for addressing places and objects using numbers. It allows the user to independently assign a unique numeric address code to any object, from an office in a business center to a transformer on a pole. The ability to add detailed information to a web-card of an object distinguishes Naviaddress from addressing by mailing addresses and geographic coordinates - and allows companies to effectively solve the “last-mile problem”. Naviaddress has a REST API, so you can use it when developing third-party services, games and applications in which you need to implement the addressing function.

What to do

NaviHACK programmers must develop applications using Naviaddress addressing technology for the delivery, e-commerce, repair and maintenance of facilities, tourism (hotels, taxis, restaurants).

Who can participate

Game developers, frontend and backend programmers. Independent companies, formed teams, individual developers can apply. Understanding the REST API is required.

How we will work

Hackathon is conducted online. Within 10 days - from September 20 to September 30, 2018 - participants develop new ideas and prototypes using the Naviaddress platform. You can create applications on the cases provided by the organizers - or implement your own ideas. We will provide a list of recommended cases before the start of the hackathon.

Who and how will evaluate projects

The hackathon jury - leading experts and leaders of the Naviaddress team - will evaluate the submitted projects according to two groups of criteria: performance evaluation and utility.

Criteria for evaluating implementation

  • Uniqueness of the idea
  • Innovative in application
  • Practical applicability, possibility of implementation and use
  • Scalability
  • Implementation (layout, interface, design, functionality)
  • Presentation, project description, team performance

Project Criteria

  • Increasing the number of users of the submitted application
  • Increasing the number of operations using the Naviaddress platform
  • Ability to create paid services using technology Naviaddress


  • Start hackathon: 09/20/2018 (Thursday)
  • Completion of the hackathon: 09/30/2018 (Sunday)
  • Results announcement: 09/10/2018 (Tuesday)

The hackathon will begin with an in-person meeting with the Naviaddress team in Moscow. We will talk about the platform, show examples of its use in applications and answer your questions. Remote and nonresident participants will be able to ask their questions in the official channels of the hackathon and see the record of offline meetings there. Personal attendance at the opening and closing ceremonies is optional.

* Prizes

  • 1st place - 150 000 rubles
  • 2nd place - 100 000 rubles
  • 3rd place - 50 000 rubles
  • Special Jury Prize - 50 000 rubles
  • Award for assistance in finalizing the API - 2 individual awards of 25,000 rubles each


  • Ride in the knowledge of the topic
  • You will get a professional analysis of your idea
  • Create a product that can be developed further with the support of Naviaddress
  • If you're lucky, they will offer you a job in Naviaddress

* According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, paid premiums are subject to taxation.


You can ask questions about organizing a hackathon or find yourself a team on VKontakte: and Telegram chat: .

For technical support for developers, a chat has been created:

Apply - on the Hackathon website until 23:59 September 19, 2018 inclusive.

See you at NaviHACK!

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