10 most popular videos of retro reports of the Festival 404

    10 most popular videos of retro reports of the Festival 404

    As you know, in the resort city of Samara we occasionally hold the Festival 404 , where different people come and share experiences. Reports are recorded on video and laid out for free on your youtube channel . A lot of interesting things accumulated there and we made a small selection of the most popular video reports of the past years.

    You are waiting for tons of useful information and rivers of nostalgic tears!

    1. Calligraphy as an image

    Pokras Lampas, calligrapher, St. Petersburg

    Pokras Lampas is a calligrapher with a perennial graffiti-past. It combines work on various design projects as well as numerous exhibitions, master classes and street art festivals, creating large-scale calligraphic compositions in the urban environment and interior, while constantly experimenting with forms and possibilities of fonts.

    2. Template it.

    Ilya Birman, Artyom Gorbunov Design Bureau, Chelyabinsk

    There are no managers in the bureau, because we believe that designers should communicate directly with customers, know well about their tasks and tell about their work themselves. But how to avoid paperwork routine work? How not to spend half a day on clearing mail from customers? How to spend less time preparing meetings? To do this, we apply total template and pipelining. How - I will tell in the report.

    3. 5 major mistakes I made in management and how much it cost me

    Sergey Kotyrev, UMI, St. Petersburg

    Financial and intellectual striptease. Public confession. Tears of remorse. Absolution.

    4. Three Real Failures in Building an IT Business

    Dmitry Kalaev, FRIA, Moscow

    Dmitry will tell about three different mistakes: about the mistake of the founders of the company Naumen at the start of the company Naumen, about their mistakes as an investor, as well as some mistakes in the life of the IIDF portfolio companies.

    5. 12 design stories

    Alexey Ivanovsky, WOS, St. Petersburg

    Fear, hope, despair, the collapse of all life and the salvation of the universe.

    6. Creative meeting with Jovan Savovich

    Jovan Savovich tells, Maxim Spiridonov asks

    The host of the analytical program “Runetology” Maxim Spirodonov will conduct live interviews with the founder of the well-known collective blogs Dirty and Leprozorium.

    7. Single Page Applications

    Arseny Zarechnev, Ostrovok.ru, Moscow

    In the report, we will look at the pros and cons of one-page applications, the frameworks and the ready-made tools for creating them, learn how to connect data and presentation and cover all of this with tests.

    • What problems solve single-page applications
    • Rendering templates on the client - various approaches
    • Communicating with the server
    • View and data binding
    • Testing Single-Page Applications

    8. Angstrom

    Ilya Birman, Artyom Gorbunov Design Bureau, Chelyabinsk

    Angstrom is the only normal unit and currency converter in Appstore. Let me explain why. The basic design principle, process, details, design hacks and style system.

    9. Organize Yourself: The Practice of Implementing Getting Things Done in My Life

    Ruslan Fazliev, Ecwid, Ulyanovsk

    My one year with Getting Things Done: Ecwid has grown three times, has become a top e-commerce solution on Facebook. Our flag is on Lenin Peak, my authorship articles are in Forbes.com and TheNextWeb. Business meetings in Boston, San Diego, Warsaw, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Luxembourg, Austin, Phoenix and Zurich. I will tell you how the GTD system helped the dude from Ulyanovsk to manage all this in one year - and how you can make it a part of your life.

    10. Put things off until tomorrow

    Anton Shein, Adrior, Moscow

    A report for those who sometimes notice that time oozes like sand through their fingers.

    Sometimes it seems that in order to be in time, there should be 48 hours in a day. But even if this were the case, then besides the fact that one would manage to leave work at 22:00, and at 46:00, nothing would have changed.

    It is impossible to cope with a bunch of cases without having a clear system. But most time management systems are so complex that, instead of helping, they take even more time and require a constant effort of will to support them. Therefore, it is rightly abandoned in a week or two.

    For half an hour I will tell you how to get the upper hand over the routine, not to fill up the deadlines and free up time for rest and other important things.

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