HyperX CloudX - a new reading of the classic headset

    Hello! The GT already had reviews of the flagship headset HyperX Revolver , entry-level models - Cloud Drone , the turn of the “middle brother”, CloudX. It was developed with the same ideas: to give maximum audio capabilities and reliability of the design. Make the headset comfortable first. And whistles and buns - then. CloudX will appeal to those who do not like “game” design and any decorations in general: minimalism rules the ball here. But let's not get ahead of ourselves ...

    Positioning in the line

    If you take the current line of headsets HyperX, then lined up about such a line. At first - tournament-initial Drone. We talked about him. Then - already serious devices of the Cloud family. Core and ordinary Cloud differ, in fact, color design and packaging. Want to save a little and buy only a headset - Core. Want a rich package (removable ear cushions, carrying case, various accessories and adapters)? Cloud Surround sound? Cloud II. Closed the chain of "flagship" Revolver, differing in design, design and sound. Now, between Revolver and the “old” Cloud'ami there is another headset - CloudX.

    Design, construction and materials

    The construction is based on the time-tested Cloud line. That is, the headphones are visually practically no different from Core / Cloud / Cloud II in terms of design, but they are not similar in the way of attaching the cups to the headband on either Revolver or Drone.

    Cases speakers plastic, soft-touch, dull black. Unfortunately, like all similar materials, soft-touch coatings collect greasy prints and dust. :( Staples-guides that set the vertical degree of freedom - iron, silver, solid headband, not self-regulating, very flexible and sheathed with a nice leatherette. Inside the memory foam effect. The headset weighs around 320-330 grams and really it does not feel on the head - neither gravity nor squeezing of the skull - the force and thickness of the headband frames are perfectly matched.

    As such, adjustments to the head in the longitudinal horizontal plane are not possible with the hinge, but the overall flexibility of the metal parts and the large volume of ear cushions with soft stuffing made from the same material that memorizes the shape of the head while wearing allows many people to dispense hours on end.

    The microphone is removable, like other Cloud's, its connector can be closed with a special “gag” if you do not plan to use the headset for communication, but want to take it with you, for example, for music. The rod is flexible, sensitive element is removed in a neat body and protected from blowing out of special foam “afro”. Its shape has changed in comparison with previous models - now it will become easier to remove / put on the filter, and tearing is more difficult.

    Connection through the classic HyperX headset scheme: a cable-wound cable with a four-pin jack at the end + a extension cable splitter into two classic 3.5-pin 3.5 mm connectors. On the main part of the wire there is a simple remote volume control and a microphone mute button.

    In terms of design, the headset is almost the same as “classic clouds”, and the letter X in the title can be interpreted as a reference to the Xbox ... because HyperX Cloud was created in partnership with Microsoft: the color scheme and headset materials perfectly fit the design of the Xbox One Elite controller Gamepad Put them next to them - as they were here. Single whole.


    The design of the box resembles that of Revolver: a cardboard “cover” with full-color printing, inside a good box (which can be easily adapted to any computer small things) ... But inside everything is more interesting.

    First, the new headset comes in a tight molded fabric cover. Not some soft bag, but a straightforward natural case. Nails to hammer them will not work, but the content it protects reliably. Secondly, inside the case there are headphones, an extra set of ear cushions (velor), a microphone, an extension cable, a velcro fastener so that the wires do not dangle and a bag of silica gel. All this splendor is reliably closed by a lightning and has a handle-loop: even hang it on a hook, take it with you. It looks great, water and drops are not afraid, accidentally crush the headset will not work.

    An extra pair of ear cushions is different from the pre-set: velor is used instead of a leatherette cover. The sound with them is somewhat different, as is the landing of the headset itself on the head, but this is pure taste.

    Users who do not like the original version with a stunningly delicate leatherette (if anyone has sweaty ears or just a feeling of contact with this coating is not a pleasure) can use the provided alternative.

    The ear cushions are removed and placed quite simply: the design has special places for the “hook” of the rim, and then it is a matter of technology to straighten it along the retaining rim.

    Feelings and characteristics

    The headset is lightweight, well-shaped, fits perfectly on the head, legs dangling . My record is six hours of continuous use. The flight is normal. The ears got a little warm, of course, but in terms of pressure on the skull, the effort was chosen perfectly. Do not shake, do not fall down. Like all other HyperX headsets, this model is aimed at use in games, but the form factor and minimalistic design allow you to listen to music without problems, without attracting the attention of people on the subway or at work. If your phone can shake headphones, of course.


    Speaker: Dynamic (53 mm) with neodymium magnets;
    Type: covering, closed type;
    Frequency response: 15–25000 Hz;
    Resistance: 60 Ω;
    Sound pressure level: 98 dB / mW at 1 kHz;
    Nonlinear distortion factor: <2%;
    Input power:
        Nominal - 30 mW;
        Maximum - 500 mW;
        Headphones - 309 grams;
        Microphone - 13 grams;
    Cable: fabric braid
        Length of fixed part - 1.3 meters;
        Extension cord - 2 meters;
    Connection connectors:
         Headset - four-pin 3.5 mm minijack;
         Extension cable - two three-pin 3.5 mm minijack (headphones and microphone).


    Sensitive element: electret, condenser microphone;
    Pattern: narrowly targeted, with noise reduction;
    Frequency response: 50–18000 Hz;
    Sensitivity: -39dBV.

    In terms of working with voice communication, the headset is certified by TeamSpeak and Discord, and also received a certificate of conformity from Microsoft: the headset is 100% compatible with Xbox One controllers. However, this does not prevent her from working with the PS4, and with portable consoles, and in general with everything that has classic jacks or adapters for them.

    Audio playback

    Here I was in for a pleasant surprise. In terms of gaming sound, as expected, there is almost nothing to complain about. This is not a “tournament” Drone, from which it is only required that the correct setting of the sound source, and not the flagship Revolver, which shows a wonderful sound for your money. The headset is a confident medium in everything. In terms of positioning sounds and determining the distance - not as sharpened as the Drone, but still much better than many, many competitors. In general, it is normal. The “entertainment” of the special effects here is much brighter: the headset is clearly aimed not so much at pro-gaming as an adversary, but at getting pleasure from the process and immersion into the game world. And use as a "combat" fades into the background. Again, there are no complaints about the connection. A microphone without a foam tip is indecently sensitive and works wonderfully even with night whispers. You have to speak a little louder with a “silencer”, but inhale or exhale or air flows from a fan in a room on the air. But in terms of playing music ...

    If you do not overload the output path of the audio card to the state when the sounds turn into a mess and bounce, then the headset surely fulfills even the heaviest guitar riffs and drum rolls. Perhaps, low frequencies cannot boast of cleanliness at high speed of operation of the same drums, but this is just the general soft-cloudy atmosphere of headphones. Vocal parts, percussion, high sounds - everything is in amazing harmony. Equalizer did not even want to touch. It just sounds. The only "minus" - the speakers are high-impedance, so that with smartphones of the lower price category and cheap players can be embarrassing, the music will be, but quietly. Normal devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the old Meizu MX3 cope with them without too much difficulty.

    But the Nexus 5X was weaker than headphones, niasilil, so to speak.

    With regard to the shortcomings of sound in terms of music - the separation of sound across channels is felt a little more than we would like, and the instruments seem closer than they should. Because of this, there is a not very pleasant feeling that they are playing right in your ear. This is easy to handle using the stereo extension in the sound card settings.

    In the dry residue

    Despite the gaming orientation, CloudX turned out to be a surprisingly balanced product. Solid and time-tested metal-plastic construction, not afraid (within reasonable limits, of course) falls and deformations. Pleasant sound, quite voluminous, so that the headphones can be used in some kind of “counter”, and at the same time juicy and rich in low frequencies: you can play with the game shooters, watch movies and use the headset as the main headphones with pleasure. Perhaps a little lack of detail, but still damn well-sounding copy. The headset works seamlessly with Xbox One, PS4, and, of course, ordinary computers and laptops.

    Pleasant body materials, rich equipment, neutral design (no “game” colors or LEDs in unexpected places, you can safely ride in public transport and not look like a parrot and / or schoolboy) ... What else can I add?

    + Reliable design based on the time-tested headset;
    + Good quality music playback "out of the box";
    + Rich equipment and replaceable ear cushions;
    + Condenser microphone with high sensitivity and noise reduction;
    + Excellent value for money.

    - Frosted surfaces collect prints.

    Pleasant bonus
    The HyperX CloudX Headset is available exclusively on the Ulmart network. The price is set more than affordable,8 490 rubles. For the money to find something else ... no, well, you can try, but in terms of price, performance and quality, the product is unlikely to be competitive. Well, if you take into account the fact that Yulmart gives you 1400 rubles to this headset with bonuses to the account that can be spent on a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription or anything else ...

    ... Then, with such conditions, you certainly will not find a headset better. ;) Stay with Kingston on GT, we still have a lot of interesting!

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