The most powerful launch vehicle in the world: SLS assembly process video

    This is what the SLS

    SLS (Space Launch System) should look like - the super-heavy launch vehicle currently being developed by NASA. According to the plan, this rocket should become really the most powerful launch vehicle by the time of its launch in 2017. This rocket will "throw" into space a new manned spacecraft MPVC.

    It is worth highlighting the “abilities” of this launch vehicle: it can put into orbit 70 tons of cargo in the basic version, and 130 tons in its enhanced version. One of the most interesting points in all of this is the process of assembling a finished rocket: it is assembled in pieces, just like when playing LEGO.

    But this colossus will carry a launch vehicle; for a new project, the crawler had to be upgraded to a load capacity of 8164 tons instead of 5440 tons.

    And the promised video, with the model of assembly of the rocket before launch:

    As mentioned above, if everything goes according to plan, the first launch of a new super-heavy launch vehicle will occur in 2017. It remains to wait quite a bit.

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