Encounter #RuPostgres - quiz and the last call

    There are just a few days before the new meeting #RuPostgres. She will be held this Saturday, September 15, in the office Avito. Let's talk about scaling applications on PostgreSQL. The good news is that the program has expanded a bit, and there are still a few places left for listeners. Join now . Also, my colleagues came up with a mini-quiz about Postgres. We conduct it online, so everyone can take part. Details under the cut.

    Program update

    Let me remind you, Stas Kelvich will talk about the algorithms and nuances of implementing transactionalities in programming languages, Sergey Handrikov on how OZO works, asynchronous type-safe header-only PostgreSQL client library for C ++ 17, Mikhail Tyurin prepared a report on logical replication and isolation levels PostgreSQL transactions.

    I expanded my report a bit and talk about the solutions from the community that we implemented in Avito architecture to scale our application for constantly growing loads.
    I'll tell you about the "two-level smart" cache for more efficient use of standby.
    And, as planned, I will share a story about Avito’s experience in solving one of the challenges of the microservice architecture — implementing business transactions while maintaining data consistency between services using the Database per Service architectural pattern. Go

    Program and schedule here .


    Starting from the publication of the post and before the start of the September 15 meeting, we suggest you answer questions about Postgres. To the first three participants who will send the correct answers in this Google-form , we will send prizes from Avito (or, even more pleasantly, we will hand them out at the mitap) - a T-shirt and a beach bottle.

    Analysis of the solution will post an update to this post.


    Let me remind you that the meeting will be broadcast on the AvitoTech YouTube channel. Look for the link here on September 15th.

    See you!

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