New Evernote Web Client: Redesigned Interface and More

    Over the past few months, we have introduced radically redesigned versions of Evernote for four popular platforms: Windows , Mac , iPhone and Android . Today, we are pleased to introduce the fifth fully updated member of the Evernote family: the Evernote web client .

    All our recent innovations can be grouped into four main areas:
    • user interface enhancements;
    • performance optimization;
    • more complete use of the capabilities of each platform;
    • implementation of user wishes.

    Each of these areas played an important role in our decisions about what the new Evernote web client should be like. See for yourself .

    Logical, easy-to-use interface

    The most noticeable change that you immediately find in the web client is a completely new interface. If you use Evernote clients for Windows or Mac, then the fresh three-panel web interface will seem very familiar to you. From left to right, there is a notebook panel with a list of notebooks and labels, a list of notes in the middle, and a panel for a separate note where you can see and edit it. We also placed the search bar in a more appropriate place - above the list of notes.

    Here are some more noteworthy features and capabilities:
    • Notebook sets : you can visually group your notebooks into sets by simply dragging one notebook over another with the cursor or by clicking on the arrow that appears when you hover over a notebook and selecting “Add to set”.
    • Mixed display mode : the new display mode in the form of a title, a fragment of text and a thumbnail image will allow you to get more useful information about a note without opening it - very convenient for quick viewing of notes.
    • Saved queries : you can use any of the search queries stored in the Evernote application on your computer simply by clicking on the search bar. Saved queries will appear in the drop-down list.
    • Selecting and moving multiple objects : the new Evernote web client allows you to select multiple notes at once by holding down the CMD key on a Mac or Ctrl on Windows. After selecting the notes of interest, you can move them to a new notebook, assign them a specific label or send them to the basket.
    • Automatically save : when you create or edit a note, you can specify whether Evernote should save it automatically as you write or whether you will save it yourself. The switch for this mode is located above the note editor.

    Quickly access individual notes via Facebook, email, and more

    Our goal is to help you remember and subsequently easily find all your ideas, ideas and projects, wherever you are. As you add more and more information to Evernote, you will probably want to share some of its elements with family, friends, and colleagues. That's why we are pleased to announce a significant expansion of sharing capabilities, which includes the quick opening of access to individual notes via Facebook, mail or applications for quick messaging.

    You now have two great ways to share your notes. If you work in a team with a group of students or with colleagues on a project, then you can share your notebook. Or you can show your friends only a specific note. In the web interface, we implemented access to both options through the new “Share” button located above the note. Click on it to open access to it. It is quick and easy. If for some reason you decide that you no longer want to keep the note publicly available, you can simply click on the word “General” in the note’s details to cancel access.

    Here is an example of an open note. This is a list of places in Moscow that I would like to visit.

    We launched this feature as part of working on an updated web client and plan to add it to other Evernote clients in the near future. Also, soon you will be able to share your notes via Twitter and other social services.

    To view the notebooks that other Evernote users have opened for you, click on the “Related Notebooks” link below the list of notebooks.

    Work is in full swing

    Some of the planned features have not yet been implemented in the new Web client. Among them: filtering notes by attributes, viewing your note history , printing notes, and the ability to save searches. If you need these functions or you’re just not ready to switch to the new web interface right now, you can return the previous view using the link in the upper part on the authorization page.

    The new web client has not only undergone external changes; it has been completely rewritten to make the basic architecture of the service faster, more flexible and modern. All this means that Evernote is better at work now, and in the meantime we plan to add even more great features in the future. Follow the news.

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    What do you think of the new web client? Please tell us about your impressions in the comments.

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