Full keyboard for TV

    Actually, this is not a keyboard, but a remote control that is designed for the most modern TVs. It is clear that most of even the most modern TV remotes do not allow the use of Internet TVs that have become popular in recent times (well, probably not yet in the CIS countries). The news about such TVs appeared on Habré more than once, so most of the habrasociety is familiar with such devices.

    Well, the idea of ​​a remote control with a keyboard was literally in the air, so it won’t surprise anyone that Samsung was the first to launch such a remote control. True, while in South Korea, but soon such devices will appear in stores in many countries, there is no doubt about this. The remote control is a rather complex device, with a display and an optical sensor. By the way, the remote control consists of two parts - in fact, the remote control, in its usual form, and a full QWERTY-keyboard, which is located on the back side. When the remote control is flipped to one of the sides, a sensor comes into operation that disconnects the unused side.

    In general, a really interesting development that will be useful to many owners of Internet TVs (who already have one, admit it). In general, it is strange that the manufacturers of modern TVs did not take care in time about the appearance of devices such as this remote control - after all, it would be logical to assume that the owners of Internet TV do not have the functionality of a conventional remote control.

    In the announcement picture, the girl is just typing in text, apparently in Korean. The remote keyboard looks quite normal, you can’t call it a design achievement, but it’s pretty decent.

    Via Engadget

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