Logitech Wave (K350). One year later

Today let's talk about the keyboard. For a long time I was looking for something of good quality, wireless (it was a mandatory requirement), I also wanted to have a “wave” (ala anatomical form), pretty. At the time of purchase, almost all catalogs on the Internet were reviewed and all the characteristics, pros and cons of almost all available devices (not only in the Ukrainian market, but also those that could be obtained through online stores) were learned from memory. As a result, the choice was between this and one of Microsoft's natural ergonomic. And yet Logitech outweighed.

Caution Pictures!

First, get acquainted with the main characteristics

Full layout
About 15 additional multimedia keys (half of which can be reprogrammed by the user to fit your needs)
Anatomical shape of the keyboard itself (wave)
Soft palm rest
Height and stroke of keys average
AA batteries Batteries
Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock .

I work as a programmer, I also like to cut myself into toys in the evening. I can say with confidence that this keyboard is fully suitable for these purposes. Typing with ten fingers on it is very convenient, the anatomical location of the keys is also convenient.
I had ordinary keyboards, with “oblique” buttons, slim, full and medium key travel, full, notebook, with a large and small “Enter”, with a bunch of multimedia keys and without them at all.

About the main keys

In this case, the location of all the buttons is convenient, the key travel is excellent, the fingers do not get tired and do not slip. I read in the reviews that if you press not perfectly in the center - then they are pressed with a little more effort - I personally did not notice this.

The space is just huge. And comfortable. It is pressed in all places: both at the edges, and above, and below.

The bottom row of keys, enlarged almost 3 times (Ctrl, Windows, Alt), is also convenient, I haven’t accidentally pressed it yet, but I have never missed it in the dark or touch.

The location of the arrows is at first a scarecrow, since their slight displacement usually causes discomfort in their use. However, this time the developers approached this wisely. There is enough space around the edges so that you don’t accidentally touch off the excess, and the arrow keys themselves are enlarged in comparison with the letter keys, which also positively affects usability.

In the Russian layout, the length of the left “Shift” was reduced in comparison with only the English layout. Not everyone pushed a useful double key with the “/ |” signs, but due to the fact that the entire keyboard is larger than the standard one, even the truncated Shift is almost the same size as on my working A4Tech with uncut. As for the misses in this place, especially when you press Ctrl + z / x / c / a, there are. Passes in a week. Then you forget and do not notice. By the way, there are no problems with using other keyboards.

Front view

Large Enter, Delete, Backspace

Num lock

Arrows and battery indicator

Caps Lock, Shift, enlarged bottom row of keys

About noise

I read about the noise - yes, there are clicking sounds, maybe a little more than you expect for such a price, but they absolutely do not annoy or interfere, and I personally like it when you can tell by ear whether the key is pressed or not.

About multimedia keys

As for multimedia, this is a rhetorical question. Personally, for more than 10 years of using the PC, if I use it, then only the call button for the calculator.

If someone really needs them - do not forget that most of them can be reprogrammed to the necessary commands, so I think it will work completely. But do not forget that there is no memory in the keyboard and the settings are saved in the corresponding program, which can be easily downloaded and installed from the official site. This means that on the new system you will need to install the program and / or set the settings again, or load the previously saved profile.

As for people who do not need these keys of additional functionality (like me), there is absolutely no discomfort: they are located so that you don’t accidentally press them and they don’t fall into your hands. I also want to note such an interesting description as “the PC shutdown button with protection against accidental pressing” - it turns out that all buttons have a slight bulge up, and this button has a recess, which makes it really hard to press it accidentally.

About light indication

There is only one small LED - it shows the battery charge. After a year of use - complete.

Indications Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock - no. If you installed the driver, the indication will be shown in gray capital letters directly on the monitor when you press the corresponding keys, approximately like this: Caps Lock On / Caps Lock Off. Personally, I only used this for the first time. Then I did not install anything, and I am so well oriented. By the way, due to the floor of the reduced Caps Lock - accidentally pressing it is difficult, and if you press it - you feel it. There are no problems. However, they could use three LEDs that light up, for example, for 1 second when changing modes, change the batteries more than once every 2 years and a half and a half is not such a problem.

About Logitech Unify Technology

Due to the fact that it was discontinued, I bought what I found. I came across an instance with a non-Unify receiver (Logitech Wave). With a Unify receiver, this is the Logitech K350. Externally and in functionality - identical. Within a room, 4x5 meters catches everywhere without any delay. There was never a break in the signal. My PC is quite old, it will be 6 years old this summer - it sees everything in the BIOS without dancing with a tambourine or other shamanistic tricks. Also, there were no problems with “pick-ups” from other devices: there is also a wireless mouse and a Wi-Fi router,

Battery compartment and switch under the palm rest

About water resistance

I do not have it on the official site, but in some reviews I found that there is such protection - through holes under the keys (you can clearly see if you look at the lamp through it) - such as in A4Tech keyboards with protection against spilling tea). Did not check.

About legs

The keyboard itself is quite high, but there is the opportunity to use 2 types of legs of different heights, which increase the lift by 4 and 8 degrees, respectively. Personally, I found myself comfortable with big legs.

Folded legs

Big leg

Little leg

About quality

The plastic is pleasant to the touch, there are no backlashes, it does not crack or squeak. For such money, this is not surprising, and the company is far from the last. Labels are not erased. Sometimes I wipe it with alcohol - everything is like new.


As soon as I can, I'll transfer it to the Iron hub.

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