The camera, which visited the Moon and returned to Earth, was sold at auction for 660 thousand euros

    Yes, in this world a lot is sold and bought, including gadgets, which can be called "historical". Now we are talking about the Hasselblad 500 camera, which was on the Moon and returned back to Earth, together with the astronauts of the Apollo 15 mission , in 1971.

    This camera is not the only one that has visited the Earth’s satellite, but the only one that has returned to Earth.

    The astronauts left the remaining cameras on the moon so as not to carry excess weight with them. They took only a cassette with a film. For example, in 1969, Armstrong also had a Hasselblad camera, but she was left on the moon.

    One of the photographs of the Apollo-15 group’s work on the Moon

    And for some reason they took this camera back with them, and now the Japanese, the founder of the Yodobashi Camera network, bought it for 660 thousand euros.

    The Hasselblad 500 camera is designed for 70 mm film, the device is equipped with a Biogon lens with a focal length of 60 mm and a relative aperture of 1: 3.5. One of the members of the Apollo 15 team, astronaut James Irwin, took 299 images of the moon using this camera. Plus another 96 shots were taken in flight.

    The auction itself started at a price of 80 thousand euros, and the organizers planned to reach a price level of about 200 thousand euros. Well, it didn’t work out that way - there were a lot of bets on the lot, and the aforementioned won.

    Via theverge

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