Facebook vs. Google: the battle of technology giants has moved to the sky

    Internet.org is a Facebook initiative that will bring the Internet to developing countries and is about to literally blow up the world. Facebook is also negotiating the acquisition of Titan Aerospace, an unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer, in order to begin building an army of drones to deliver low-cost Internet.

    Connecting the rest of the world to the Internet is not only a good business for a giant from Silicon Valley, it also provides him with a “good” press. 55% of those who voted at 1World Online 1WorldVoters believe that Internet access is a basic human need, and a basic human right, along with other personal rights and freedoms.

    Facebook drones are not the only Internet delivery solution, and Zuckerberg’s brainchild will need to act quickly to catch up with Google: Project Loon already has an advantage and is six months ahead of development.

    When Google first announced its balloon Internet delivery program, 57% of 1WorldVoters voted for Google's balloons to bring affordable internet to the world.

    As Facebook and Google prepare for a battle for supremacy in the sky, these mega-corporations probably need to worry more about how the public perceives their brand.

    Ever since Edward Snowden talked about total surveillance using existing information and communication networks, privacy concerns concern people even more: 77% of 1WorldVoters are worried that Google is collecting too much personal data.

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