How to build multi-storey buildings in 2 months, and cities for 100,000 inhabitants in 2 years

    We at Alconost make videos mainly for software products and games, but today we want to share the video made by us for a not quite “IT”, but a very unusual and interesting product: a set of turnkey technologies for the construction of micro-districts and small towns . The product includes:
    - technology of monolithic-frame construction of buildings from universal wall panels;
    - Infrastructure solutions for a comfortable life in the “city of the future”.

    The author of the technology claims that it takes 2 months to build one building, and 2 years to build a small town per 100,000 inhabitants. At the same time, the cost per square meter of housing in such a city will be several times lower, and the quality of life will be higher than in modern cities.

    PS Original 3D render provided by client.

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    It looks like a solution to the housing problem. What do you think?

    • 34.2% It seems like yes 166
    • 43.1% No, the idea has fundamental flaws (in the commentary) 209
    • 22.5% Don't know 109

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