The first phase of public consultations on copyright reform at the European Commission has ended

    Yesterday, March 6, 2014, the first phase of public consultations at the European Commission on the Reform of Copyright in the Digital Age ended. The European Parliament from the Pirate Party Amelia Andersdotter reports this on her page.

    The survey on the official consultation website consisted of 80 questions regarding the problems that users face in connection with modern copyright laws.

    The survey involved 11,117 people from different countries of the European Union, as well as Russia. The position of Russian Internet users was brought individually and collectively through the project

    This broad campaign is the first step towards communicating the consolidated position of Internet users, experts and website owners about the need to reform copyright laws.

    The official response of the European Commission is expected by April 2014, but for some positions it is possible even later. After processing the results of the survey, the Commission will also propose to the EU Member States a new draft concept within the framework of the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council “on the harmonization of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society”.

    In the meantime, the European Commission is working with the responses received, we at RosKomZakon continue the discussion on the concept of copyright reform in the Digital Age


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