On-line magazine for schools and colleges

    Another idea is to “computerize” another industry, namely, training. Those. To “computerize” is not the training itself, but the management of the results and assessments of the educational process. That is, create an on-line magazine.

    The point is simple. The director (or head teacher) go online, register your school. Starts teacher accounts. Teachers, in turn, start classes, and students, as well as parental accounts, through which parents can monitor the performance of their children.

    All this should be an exact copy of real magazines, and ideally, that educational institutions could completely switch from pieces of paper to electronic form.

    PS I am writing to the fact that I am going to implement such a service. To begin with, I decided to ask the masses whether this would be in demand and what pitfalls one might encounter.

    UPDATE: Not that I would give up, but with a sober look at the comments I realized that the idea is good, and it would not be bad to implement it. But it is very difficult to realize it alone (I’m not saying it’s not real), because there are a number of fairly significant obstacles (who does not understand what obstacles are in question - read the comments). Therefore, I decided not to take it.

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