Google chrome

    Only finished blondes have not written on this topic on their sites and blogs. The glorious excitement turned out. At the same time, they determined for Google and the priority improvements are the ability to connect add-ons. In principle, I believe that this will not be the case, and in the near future everything will be. So like in that joke:
    - Fry fish, mom.
    - So there are no fish.
    - That you fry, fry, the fish will be.

    A couple of weeks ago, I rearranged the OS on my home computer. In addition to regular IE, I decided to install only Chrome. Well, yes, it’s not convenient at times. Spell check - okay, there is a word. View the color code, well, the picture and the editor can be downloaded. The word can be translated, well, on the site you can. Well, etc. etc. In general, while put up with temporary inconvenience. But today I remembered about my notes in Google notebook, I wanted to add something from what I found on the network. And here’s what was waiting for me:

    Well, after this, there was definitely nothing left to do but to heed the advice of Google and install a fire fox.
    And now a question for connoisseurs, those who have traffic on the site higher than 100 unique people a day. What are your recent trends in browsers used? Same as myself in small numbers? - Was there a surge in the use of Chrome, which is gradually striving for infinitesimal numbers? Or how?

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