FC-TrackBar 0.4.1 - a new beginning

    Take a look at the past

    Not so long ago, in the articles of the JavaScript section, trackbars were presented to the general public:

    The project unexpectedly received a continuation. Comrades abarmot and 1602 joined the development , and active discussion led to an improvement in the current and implementation of new functionality. Therefore, there was a desire to make the project its own “home”, where it will live and develop, which was successfully implemented at sourceforge.net . Now, instead of writing an article for every change in the trackbars, the author can calmly update the archives and descriptions, and you yourself can download the latest versions.

    At the moment, the following pages managed to get dirty with descriptions:
    * Once again about the trackbar
    *JS-TrackBar, the fourth version of the runners.

    By the links you can get acquainted with the project and its development.

    I would also like to note the comrade mongi , who, based on version 0.4.0, took and created his own project branch . It was tempting to use his work as a basis, however, the demo showed serious problems in the Opera browser and strong “brakes” on some examples. Therefore, our own, already stable version was subjected to further refinement.

    Please love and respect

    FC-TrackBar project , in the current release version 0.4.1 .

    The new version is more stable. Some bugs were fixed and the functionality of serifs was added, which you can find in the demo . The second trackbar “year of birth” was added with serifs using a small number of new settings:

    * showBigTicks - false by default, a flag allowing the display of large serifs, to which the corresponding value is always signed.
    * bigTicks —by default 1, the number of large serifs on the trackbar.
    * smallTicks - by default 1, the number of small serifs between large ones. If there are no large ones, simply their number on the trackbar.
    * showSmallTicks - false by default, a flag allowing the display of small serifs.

    Cross-browser compatibility

    Checked operation in:

    ******* WIN:
    - IE6, IE 7;
    - FF1.5, FF2.0;
    - Mozilla 1.7.2;
    - Opera 8.02, Opera 8.5, Opera 9.01, Opera 9.2, Opera 9.50.10048;
    - Safari 3.1

    ******* NIX:
    - Opera 9.27;
    - Firefox;

    In operas below the eighth version and Netscape 7.1, there is no stable operation. However, at the moment, only testers and people left to survive the 20th century should use these browsers :-)


    There are many tasks to expand the current functionality. The development of plugins for well-known frameworks, for example jQuery, is relevant. If among readers there are those wishing to participate - write to the PM. For the convenience of group work, there is subversion on sourforge:

    I will especially be glad to see comrades abarmot , 1602 and mongi !

    Thank you all for your criticism and suggestions! You make our project better :-)

    Crosspost FC-TrackBar 0.4.1 from webew.ru .

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