Access to the desktop is very easy to get

    Sometimes this situation arises: you are explaining to someone how to do something on the computer. For example, a person does not know how to configure any program and calls you to help. Or all of a sudden a friend who has little understanding in computers got out a window and he asks you to help. If you had similar situations, then you imagine how difficult it is to explain the sequence of actions by phone (or even by ICQ Gtalk). And you don’t remember what and how it should be, and therefore you start to reproduce actions on your computer, and sometimes the interlocutor can not really explain anything.

    Of course, a solution to this problem has long been found. It is just a remote computer control. These programs are even built into the latest operating systems. Although you can put solutions based on VNC : for example, the popular free program UltraVNC .

    It is easy to connect to a computer using these solutions, especially if they are on the same local network. But ... we will consider this case ideal. But in reality (what happens, for example, constantly with me) people usually sit behind NAT, a firewalletc. Therefore, although you can get an IP address, but you also need to configure the ports. I think that only an explanation of all this will take many times longer than a solution to the problem itself. Do not forget that not everyone knows what IP and ports are.

    And even for these cases, they came up with a great solution: TeamViewer . I'll tell you a little about him.

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