Favicon as a component of brand identity

    It seems to me that in modern brand consulting, such an element of corporate identity as favicon remains highly underestimated!
    It seems that the 16x16 pixel picture is playing an increasingly important role as an element of corporate identity.

    An example of an attentive attitude to favicon, as we know, was recently demonstrated by Google: I

    had to choose from many options:

    via AD28.ru

    For those who think that discussing a favicon in the context of branding is nonsense, I give a few links
    that I found in google in 3 minutes. They can supplement my topic a little and be a good extracurricular reading for those who want to feel the topic.
    - The favicon - your 256 pixel brand identity
    -Highlight Your Brand with a Favicon
    - How Can A Favicon Help Brand My Business?
    - Should a favicon be part of your online identity?
    - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Favicons

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