How we automated the control of the work of employees of the federal network of gas stations


    Things will go badly if you do not control the quality of sales. Moreover, the control must be implemented before assessing the quality.

    It is often different. Point brings little money? Great, let's fire everyone. It will not consider the cost of dismissal, training and search for new employees. Just overclock the "bad" and type "good."

    As a result, the "good" are even worse. How so? Management actions relied on incorrect indicators.

    The manager must know why the store does not make a profit. Usually, to assess the quality of sales, they use the services of secret buyers or conduct internal audits.

    The old methods have flaws that we fixed in the Ivideon-based employee assessment service.

    Where control is needed

    Programmers, representatives of creative professions, self-employed are difficult to evaluate in any other way than by the tasks performed.

    However, there is a job in which the behavior tracking systems show good performance. Vendors, promoters, attendants - all professions that often use pre-written behavior scripts.

    The execution of scripts leads to an increase in sales - this is a clear indicator that is easy to measure. Based on the accuracy of the observance of the tasks assigned, sellers can be given a point that affects the premium part of the salary.

    At the same time, employees should be aware of the company's methods, goals, volumes, time and results of control.

    What we will evaluate

    Not all people in the world can motivate themselves. The brain wants us to be lazy, but worse, laziness spreads through the collectives like an epidemic. Therefore, first of all we look at the performance indicators. We want to find out how well employees cope with their responsibilities.

    And this is just the beginning. To improve quality, you need to identify the cause of failures in work.

    Having determined the cause of the failure, it is easy to find a suitable solution: a new work schedule, “horizontal growth”, a bonus, transparent and understandable KPI, vacation, etc. Most likely, as a result of the test, you will not see anything that could not be solved by more precise tuning of motivation.

    Method disadvantages


    A survey of real buyers with the help of an interviewer or via a touchscreen monitor with photos of sellers and emoji buttons does not give a reliable assessment - buyers rate by mood or gender preferences.

    Call after service rendered is annoying. The control call in a few days causes even more irritation. Communication with the client in a chat, through mail or an application, a call to a reaction via sms or a frontal attack at the exit from the store only aggravates the situation.

    People just do not like when the company pesters with inquiries.

    An alternative approach is to use special buyers.

    Secret buyers have a relatively high cost, low representativeness of the sample, there is the possibility of manipulation. Experienced sellers quickly identify the secret visitor. Obviously, in the near future, retail will go the other way - Dodo Pizza has already made a bet for the future.

    And one more disadvantage is inherent in all methods. If you are a business owner, be prepared for unpleasant consequences. One day you can find out that sellers are delaying contracts, knocking out kickbacks, stretching or concentrating payments to receive a bonus, and generally live in a paradigm that stealing in difficult times for the country is normal.

    In terms of man-hours, the assessment of current activities is expensive, time consuming and distracting personnel. Perhaps everyone in his life faced the need to write down what he did during the day. There is nothing worse than obliging people to do such routine work.

    Some companies do not collect any feedback. In such an environment, a sudden attempt to assess the activities of the departments will be perceived by the team negatively and with great stress. But silencing problems will ultimately lead to distrust, misunderstanding and a crisis between the employer and employees.

    Evaluation systems through video surveillance

    Perhaps the client is very painful, but the neural network thinks differently.

    We use a video analyzer to detect queues . However, a similar system can not be used to control the actions of sellers - machine analysis of behavior scripts passes with errors. People are not robots and even improvise within the established rules so that no neural network can figure it out (although we are sure that the machines will solve this problem in the future).

    Thus, the cloud video surveillance system observes and records data in the archive, and specially trained people are engaged in monitoring the behavior of sellers. Operators analyze video and audio data from the cameras at the client's work place, and then make recommendations for improving the level of service.

    How it works

    1. We install cameras (or use existing ones on the site) with a separate audio recording channel.
    2. We show broadcasts from cameras to service operators.
    3. We fix the results according to the checklist *.
    4. We provide data and store it in the cloud.

    * Checklist for staff:

    • Matching dress code;
    • Dialogue with the client;
    • Absence of unregulated actions (for example, violation of cash discipline);
    • Compliance with the daily routine and additional events (cleaning of premises, display of goods, etc.);
    • Following the scenario of actions for each stage of sales: the execution of specified scripts.

    For several points, you can set different checklists - in the central office to monitor the implementation of corporate standards, and in the branch office to check cash discipline, track marketing campaigns and security regulations.

    KPI is set for the entire network or for individual stores. You can track promotions, events, sales scripts, quality, each item of the checklist individually or the entire schedule at a time. The client receives data on which the dynamics clearly see the quality of the staff.



    The results of the checks are available online in your account. The window on the left shows data on all parameters of the checklist. The window on the right reflects the results of the analysis at several outlets or at different levels of the company. Rating points are compared for different periods of time.

    The total KPI (in the window on the left) consists of summable requirements for the employee. The percentage of KPI completion is calculated every day.

    100% KPI is achieved by following all the rules:

    • the absence of prohibited actions (for example, abuse in the workplace);
    • compliance with corporate standards of appearance;
    • following the seller’s action algorithm;
    • and about 50 more customizable options.

    It is not necessary to set all parameters at once - it is enough to set exactly as much as is required for the selected employee.

    From the first window of the system interface, you can “dive” further by clicking on the “Consultation 2” indicator (names for the indicators are written in any) or by selecting the desired region / store under the graph on the right.


    The chart on the left shows the percentage of completed tasks for the week. And the graph on the right here and further serves to illustrate the dynamics of changes in parameters over time.

    The blocks on the diagram that make up the total KPI have different weight, therefore they are highlighted in different colors. So compliance with sales scripts (orange) is more important than the position of the body and hands (lime).

    The weight of each block is indicated separately and differentiated by color. To the right of the block name is shown the percentage of KPI completion (the red and green lines in the screenshot above).

    Clicking on one of the blocks, we obtain detailed data on the behavior of the seller. For example, we want to learn more about the execution of sales scripts - as you can see, KPI significantly decreases on this indicator.


    The “sales scripts” block consists of dozens of parameters, and for each you can set weight (significance) and track changes over time.

    Clicking on the parameter necessary for the analysis, we will get into the window of fixing violations.


    Select the appropriate date and go to the archive of records.


    The camera records the image and sound for about 10-20 seconds. This time is enough to assess the effectiveness of the seller and fix the violation.

    Any controversial case can be disassembled with the employee, based on the fact of recorded actions. The video archive is easy to find by hour, day, week, or month.


    Current and historical data are displayed in detail by individual parameters, employees and outlets in the form of tables and diagrams - the cloud service prepares this visualization itself. But directly checking the audio and video information makes service operators, which eliminates the possibility of machine errors.

    The cost of one check is from 55 to 100 rubles. According to our calculations for a full assessment of the effectiveness of sellers need from 90 to 500 checks per month. The next day after verification, the results of analytics are provided in a personal account accessible from any mobile device.

    One of the first customers of the new service was the federal network of gas stations. In the test mode, we installed a performance monitoring system at one gas station and after a few months received the following results:

    • premium fuel sales growth;
    • increase in sales in the checkout area;
    • optimization of the premium part of the wage fund (only those who deserve it receive).

    You can add savings to this list of what hasn't happened - by preventing irregularities at the box office, theft of facts and various fraudulent schemes.

    Sales growth achieved through simple execution of scripts. Sellers have simple instructions on what to say and do. In general, the sale of by-products and services at a gas station can bring no less profit than directly filling the tanks with fuel.

    Prices for ordinary products at a gas station can be 15-25% higher than in supermarkets. For someone to buy them, the service must meet the expectations of the consumer. There are certain parameters that immaterially motivate people: smile, politeness, gratitude for the purchase, and so on. All parameters can be entered into the control system and monitor the results.

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