Prostokvashino on Habr or a letter from Uncle Fedor

    Almost all children (former and not) know about the village of Prostokvashino and remember the letter of Uncle Fedor.

    Something similar, when any person joins the text of the letter, can be done on Habré, where there is no cat Matroskin and dog Sharik, but many other wonderful characters live with a great sense of humor, tact and arrangement.

    The most remarkable date for this undertaking is approaching - April 1, and there is time for the realization of this humorous idea.
    On microcontrollers, which I know a little, it is difficult to implement this venture. Probably, the beloved by many Arduino will not help either.
    Therefore, it is necessary to know the other , which I do not have, but many smart people have.

    In topics on Habr the author's post is clearly separated from comments. Sometimes, after publication, the author optionally adds the comments of some users to his post.
    But everything can be radically changed ...

    The idea of ​​implementing a collective post

    The author of the post comes up with the title: “Subject of the letter and address of the message”, if desired, writes a short introductory part, puts Habracutand publishes a post. Its discussion begins.
    The program running on the author’s computer constantly monitors the post. When new comments appear - email, tracker or tracking the comment field, they are included in the topic text field and it is re-published.
    Comments are placed in the text strictly in the order of the time that the comments for this topic appeared in the field. This differs from the tree structure adopted in the comment field, but allows you to change the meaning of the text in the most unexpected form.
    The program can work on the Habr server. This provides round-the-clock availability and automatic commentary information.

    The post will be kind and dynamic. If the comment receives a rating below the baseboard (zero), the program evaporates it from the post, after which the meaning of the main text changes again. If a comment leaves the red zone, then its text again pops up in the text.

    The name of the author of the comment, the time of its appearance and rating does not fall into the post (if you wish, this information can be found in the comment field), only the comment text is published with the formatting, links, photos, etc. preserved.

    In fact, the post is obtained from comments with a non-negative rating arranged in the order they are received.
    The content should be fun, sometimes even related to the letter.

    What this will lead to and what plot lines it will lead to, whether the content of the post will develop or not depends on many factors: the name of the topic, people's interests, their activity, mood, moon phase, time of day and day of the week, as well as many other reasons.
    If it works out in places or is generally interesting, you can make several similar letters, and not only on April 1.

    Readers of the post will no longer have preferences - read comments or just the topic itself, everything is located together. And commentators become co-authors of the post and can always say: “I also participated in writing!”

    It is necessary to solve the problem of the same time.
    If the program will "spin" on the Habr server, then this problem will disappear.
    If the author of the post is on the computer, then you need to figure out in what order to post comments with the same appearance time.
    - alphabetically the first letter starting the comment;
    - by the number of letters (the more, the longer it was written, which means earlier at the beginning of the idea);
    - most likely, messages about new comments are sent to the mail or tracker in the correct temporal order, you just need to check;
    - other options.

    The time the comment appeared in the post.
    You can do it immediately when it appears, or after the end of the time, giving the opportunity to change the comment. Both cases are interesting for introducing confusion in the subsequent text, which will be written by other co-authors / commentators.

    The composition will be incomplete, you can always add the next “last” word. But you can also limit the time of writing a “work”, for example, to three days.

    For the sample, you can take any post and arrange the comments in the order they were received. It is only necessary to take into account that in this case, comments are often little tied to the main topic of the post, as the discussion threads slide into many separate topics. But this is its own charms.

    In the comments you can discuss both the idea itself and various aspects of implementation, and the most important thing will become clear from the vote.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Is there at least one person who can implement this idea?

    • 61.4% Yes 129
    • 38.5% No 81

    Is there at least one person who implements this idea?

    • 23.8% Yes 46
    • 76.1% No 147

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