One ring to rule all ... devices

    The Fin ring , which allows you to control devices with gestures, gained the necessary $ 100,000 at Indiegogo .

    How does it work

    Fin puts on a thumb. The ring recognizes basic movements and clicks on certain areas of the palm. One of the main features of the ring is that it recognizes each segment of the palm. The figure below shows this clearly. Thus, you can turn your palm, for example, into a numeric keypad.

    You can attach the functionality of devices to certain areas of the palm and to perform an action it is enough to touch the place with your thumb.

    In addition, you can manipulate the same finger in the air, thereby performing certain actions, for example, hold upward, change the volume of a mobile device or TV, turn pages, switch channels, etc.

    What will the ring be made of

    • IP67 waterproof shell
    • Size adjustable, promise to make flexible
    • Battery : Li Po. Charges via micro-USB. One charge is enough for a week, and the battery will last at least a year
    • Sensors : Accurate recognition of finger movement on the palm and taped areas
    • Communication : Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and 4.0
    • Compatibility : Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Windows Phones.

    The planned production date is July 2014. The dev version will be available from June.

    The estimated price of the ring is $ 99 , and the dev version is $ 79. Moreover, if the project gains $ 150,000, then for people with vision problems, Fin will cost $ 59.

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