Do you like to read exciting books - love and wear a vest ...

The reading process in the near future will become even more fun than ever before and it's not about online books. Reading will be accompanied by completely new sensations with a vest on, which creates a physical sensation based on the words read, 8banks reports.

We, as an electronic library, could not resist and did not write about the MIT book project. A project called Sensory Literature was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's media lab. The reader puts on a tricky device that resembles a vest, which adjusts lighting effects, vibration, temperature, and compression force to create physical sensations that reflect the atmosphere and feelings described in the book.

Pre-programmed actions are triggered through sensors and actuators when the reader reaches a specific page. If the text describes love feelings, the vest will vibrate to enhance the reader's heartbeat; if the text describes a scene where it is cold, the vest can, for example, lower the body temperature. The equipment includes a body compression system, a simulator of heartbeat and trembling, as well as a reader’s temperature control system - all these aspects are responsible for physical effects. 150 LEDs integrated into the book cover light up depending on the action in the plot.

“Sensory literature” is the result of the work of the graduates of the course “From science fiction to scientific developments”. At the moment, only one work is programmed using the new gadget - this is the book "The Girl Who Was Plugged In" by James Tiptree. “This is not an idea of ​​creating a product, but rather a study of the world of science fiction,” said Felix Heybek, a member of the Sensory Literature development team. “This is an artifact that will undoubtedly cause a lot of discussion.”
Not only are Massachusetts Institute of Technology experimenting with interactive reading. Tony DiTerlizzi’s fantasy novel “The Spiderwick Chronicles” uses characters that can be used to follow the link and see 3D images online. Disney is also exploring digital images: workers are experimenting with the interaction of books and tangible objects that can be controlled by the reader.

Original Mashable by Melissa Goldin.

PS In general, the idea is excellent, the book industry could attract a huge part of the audience, which reading seems to be a very boring task. And in the future, it will all be able to transform from a bulky uncomfortable vest into some kind of bracelet. The main thing is not to read about murders or erotic literature, otherwise you never know ...

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