In the next Windows 8.1 update, it will be possible to completely disable the "tiled interface"

    Perhaps this news was to be expected after entering the familiar Start button back into operation. So far, everything is not official, but authoritative sources at The Verge say that in Update 1 for Windows 8.1, which is currently in beta, it will be possible to disable the "tiled" interface, thereby allowing users to immediately find themselves on the classic after downloading the desktop. It is also claimed that this feature will be enabled by default.

    Thus, Microsoft completely abandons its initial vision of the Windows 8 interface. Apparently, it is not possible to force ordinary PC users to get used to the interface for touch screens. After all, despite the noticeable growth of the Windows Store application store, the company's internal statistics show that most Windows buyers still use the keyboard and mouse, and also prefer the usual “tiled” programs.

    Among other changes in the release, which is expected in March, there is the ability to pin applications on the service panel of the desktop and faster access to find and disconnect the computer on the main screen and, possibly, allowing users to open “tiled” applications in a window.

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