Schools of the Perm Region will minimize the acquisition of commercial software.

    Investigative actions against the director Ponosov of the Perm school in connection with the use of unlicensed software in the educational process pushed the region’s authorities to a reasonable step: the Minister of Education of the Perm Region, Nikolai Karpushin, announced that in the future, the use of commercial software will be minimized in educational institutions, and in return more attention will be given to the use of free software.

    Here is what the Echo of Moscow radio writes in Perm:
    Schools of the Perm Region will minimize the acquisition of commercial software. And will switch to the use of free software. Today, during a press conference, the Minister of Education of the Perm Territory Nikolai Karpushin reported on measures to restore “licensed cleanliness” in the schools of the Kama region. On January 26, at a meeting on the implementation of the project “Informatization of the education system” with the heads of municipal government bodies and municipal methodological centers, experts heard proposals from the Society for the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights. The most acceptable approach was recognized in which schools would try to use free software such as the Linux operating system, office applications "Russian Office", "Open office", "LaTeX".
    - The way to simply purchase business and commercial programs from manufacturers, a business approach is not the right approach, because it is very expensive. Today, we are ready to acquire or exchange the so-called scientific programs. This is an open source, open scientific resource. In fact, the software is in the form of certain mathematical formulas that does not require payment and which very simply replaces expensive software.
    Currently, there are positive examples of the implementation of such an approach in world practice. So, at British Kings College and at the Institute of Information Technology of the Technical University of Vienna, only free software is used.

    The only pity is that this statement will not affect the Ponosov case in any way: it will only promote OpenSource to the masses.
    I am still worried about Alexander Mikhailovich and I hope that Putin’s word will help him in this matter. I can’t even believe that now the prosecutor’s office will deal with this matter not as before, but as it was necessary to act from the very beginning. I hold my fists for Ponosov and I hope that they will catch the guilty, not the extreme ones.

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