Python-digest # 12. News, interesting projects, articles and interviews [January 24, 2013 - January 31, 2014]

    So, again, news about Python and nearby technologies. Today there is a lot of interesting things about Wheels and packages in general, MoviePy, AI for games, Russian documentation on argparser and more.

    Many thanks to those who sent news on the tool for creating digests and those who helped to fasten the domain to it ( inetava , especially vaal ). He is now ours for
    at least two and a half years. Thanks a lot owlman for the provided illustration.

    Discussion.It seems that recently the topic of module packages and their management has been popping up very often. Do you think the revolution will strike on this subject? Can someone suggest a very convenient tool that will replace pip and PyPI, or Anaconda will be reborn? And how do you organize work with packages at your enterprise? What criteria are important for you in a package manager?

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    • PyDev 3.3.3
      It is strongly recommended for LiClipse users to upgrade, as several nice goodies have appeared (themes, performance optimization, Kivy support, addition of syntax from binary modules)
    • Python 3.4.0 Beta 3

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