Photoshop added support for 3D printing and Perspective Warp

    Adobe today announced a major update to the Photoshop CC graphics editor. The main change is support for 3D printing. It should be noted and the announcement of a terrific new mode of perspective deformation of photographs (Perspective Warp).

    However, first things first. Adobe is now positioning Photoshop as the perfect intermediate between creating a 3D model and printing it. That is, it is supposed to create the model in a third-party specialized program, but in Photoshop you can bring it to mind (for example, add the legs technologically necessary for support in the printer) - and send it to print. Maybe in the future, Adobe will release an aid program for 3D modeling.

    Photoshop imports all standard formats: OBJ, STL, 3DS, Collada, and KMZ. The company entered into an agreement with MakerBot and now works directly with 3D printers manufactured by this company. If you do not have a printer, then the order can be sent to print at Shapewayswith which Adobe also has an agreement. By the way, this service supports printing of colorful models, so you can print beautiful toys.

    In addition to MakerBot, the graphical editor supports other popular models of 3D printers.

    In addition to 3D printing, new features include a new pencil in Illustrator, which makes it easier to draw lines by hand, support for EPUB format in InDesign, export of fonts from Typekit to the desktop environment, where they are available for any other program.

    One of the most remarkable innovations is editing photos in the perspective deformation mode (Perspective Warp).

    Editing a photo in Perspective Warp mode

    In this mode, you can “rotate” a photo, look at an object from a different angle. Surely, designers will appreciate this creative and very easy to use tool.

    Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) is a paid cloud service. Adobe today announced the restart of the 30-day free period for all users , including those who have already used up their free limit before Photoshop CC was launched in May 2012.

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