<Extended until February 27!> Announce a contest for the development of a layout for 3d printing of a kidney

    Autodesk, 3D Bioprinting Solutions and Can Touch are looking for 3D modeling stars who want to make themselves known and write their name in the history of bioprinting in Russia.

    Participants are invited to create a three-dimensional design layout of one of the most complex human organs - the kidney - in the context of color. The contestants will be evaluated according to three main parameters: the accuracy of reproduction in the layout of the proportions of the kidneys of an adult; ability to work in Autodesk programs; and also creating work ready for replication on a 3d printer.

    For more information on the conditions of the competition, please click here.

    Works are accepted until 12:00 p.m. on January 23, 2014 by e-mail: pochka.3d@yandex.ru
    In the subject line of the letter, please indicate: “3D design of the future”.
    The winner will be selected on 01.25.2014. Prizes will be awarded on January 26th at the GEEK PICNIC festival.

    All contestants will receive tickets to the largest festival of modern technology, science and creativity GEEK PICNIC. The winner will be awarded valuable prizes from the companies of the organizers of the competition: Autodesk (world leader in three-dimensional design), Can Touch (online 3d printing service), 3D Bioprinting Solutions. It will also provide a unique opportunity to visit the 3D Bioprinting Solutions Laboratory, the only one of six private labs in the world engaged in the development of three-dimensional bioprinting, located in Russia.

    UPD1: Just in case, we explain that, in the framework of this competition, we are not talking about creating a model with details, ready for bioprinting. In the stones of this stage, a relatively simple form is needed.

    UPD2: Due to the requests of the participants to give more time for prototyping, the deadlines for the contest were extended until February 27th. On March 5, the winners of the competition will be announced and awarded. Those who have already submitted the work have the opportunity to finalize them before the end of the extended term, if they deem it necessary

    UPD3: We have a winner! We will write about it soon.

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