NSA Wi-Fi Trap Can Work Up to 8 Miles

Original author: Sam Churchill
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Engadget reports that security guru Jacob Appelbaum told the recent Chaos Communications Congress that the NSA spy case includes a device called Nightstand, which is designed for Wi-Fi networks and capable of implementing spyware.

The equipment intercepts a Wi-Fi network and uses packet injection to install exploits on computers on the network.

A Linux-based device can examine Windows-based computers up to 8 miles away. The described Nightstand device dates back to 2008, and it is obvious that the NSA now has a more advanced gadget in its arsenal.


The NSA also has the so-called “active GSM base stations”, which can replace the real stations of mobile operators.
The cost of such a station is $ 40,000. The

NSA can easily be embedded in almost all sections of the iPhone, including voice messages, contact lists, messaging, registration history on GSM bases, as well as reading browser cookies, history, etc.

By the way, the director of the NSA Keith Alexander periodically appears at parties of hackers in the states:


the NSA Tailored Access Operations (TAO), works together with other secret services, the CIA and the FBI. TAO not only makes hardware for espionage, but also develops software for special tasks. The development concerns the implementation of backdoors in various BIOSes:


According to Spiegel magazine, about 85,000 computers around the world have such bookmarks.
Most of these bookmarks are implemented by the TAO team remotely via the Internet.
TAO can also attack computers on a local network that does not have Internet access


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