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    Telegram patron Pavel Durov will pay $ 200,000 in BTC to the first person who breaks into the encrypted protocol of his messenger. Starting today, Pavel (+79112317383) will send a message containing a secret email address to Nikolai (+79218944725) every day. To prove the decryption of the Telegram protocol and to claim the prize, you will need to send a letter to this secret address.

    Your email should contain:
    - The full text of the message containing the secret address
    - The address of your bitcoin wallet to receive 200 thousand dollars
    - A detailed description of the attack Pavel's

    encrypted incoming and outgoing trafficis publicly available on this page . You can send messages via Telegram and watch its traffic in real time.

    In order to prove that the competition is really fair and fair, we will publish the keys necessary to decrypt traffic as soon as the winner is announced. If there is no winner by March 1, 2014, the decryption keys will be published on the same day.

    The topic would not be complete without these links: Alizar’s
    post about this news, at that time the rules of the contest were not yet known Discussion on Ycombinator Updated FAQ Telegram Criticism of the cryptographic merits of the messenger

    Some information about the competition in Russian in TJournal

    PS: Pavel Durov says that if the winner does not want to receive the prize in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, he can receive it in dollars:


    Useful UPD:

    The Telegram development team has published a contest FAQ .

    1. Why a contest?
    To identify vulnerabilities of the algorithm or to obtain indirect evidence of its durability.

    2. What happens if someone still wins?
    If we have a winner of the current competition, we will start a new one with a big prize, but first we will correct the protocol.

    3. What is access?
    You have access to a detailed description of the encryption system that we use, the source code of the application and the full log of Pavel’s traffic, from its registration to the current day, updated in real time. You need to decrypt the secret email from the daily message from Pavel to Nikolai, and send a description of the successful attack to this address.

    4. What is the traffic structure?
    The structure is as follows:
    Unixtime Length-in-bytes Direction (in/out) ServerIP:Port Hexdump.
    For your convenience, only high bytes of the TCP stream are shown, ignoring the boundaries of the IP packets, and also the TCP / IP headers are skipped

    5. Is the daily message the same every day?
    No, as in real life, it may be slightly different. The only thing that is constantly is the email address sent.

    6. Can you give an example message?
    Of course. It may look like this: Hi Kolya, here's a secret email for bounty hunters - {here is the email address} .

    7. I want to try to participate in the contest, how to do it?
    At this stage, you can try to analyze traffic, send modified packets to the server, that is, conduct attacks to exceed the message length, retries, and so on. In the event that no one can achieve victory in the current competition (to decrypt the Telegram protocol) before March 2014, we are going to facilitate the task and provide participants with tools for more complex active attacks.

    8. What if I don’t trust bitcoins and don’t want them as a prize?
    If the winner prefers regular currency, we will gladly transfer him $ 200,000 instead of BTC.

    9. Only 2.5 months left, I need more time!
    The competition for breaking the encrypted Telegram protocol is a constant feature of our project. Now we will always launch a new competition immediately after the previous one, and each time the prize amount will grow. So the first one to crack the protocol will be able to claim a prize, even if the current competition is over.

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