Windows games on Apple (Intel) via Cider, a small review

    My config: mbp 1.83 / 1gb / 128mb
    Have been downloaded: NFS carbon, GTA VC, NFS most wanted

    As a result:

    GTA VC - problems with mouse control, all cars are black (dark) color. No brakes were noticed.
    Bottom line: you can ride along the coast and listen to music, you won’t be able to play.

    NFS mw - problems with colors: sometimes bright, then dips in black. The game slows down a bit on both medium and high settings. I played on a more powerful Windows machine - the brakes remained.
    Bottom line: In general, it's normal, but it's not nice to play due to small brakes and problems with colors.

    Nfs carbon- the most hassle-free companion. There are sooooo little texture issues in canyon racing. Autosculpt does not work. At medium settings with maximum settings for drawing the car, everything flew, at maximum small brakes.
    Bottom line: you can play, essentially no problems. I went all the way :)


    DukeNukem 3D - eyes pop out from pixelation, but this is not the worst. Buttons do not all work, codes do not dial at all

    So, gentlemen, makovody, everyone should play))
    PS If someone has “run-in” other games, throw in comments, add to the post.

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