Success, problem solving, work and routine - links of one chain

    If there are only fools around, then you are central.

    The author of this article warns that this is only his personal opinion, and nothing more. It is possible that the text is full of cognitive distortions, will cause cognitive assimilation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to remove people with weak nerves, women and children under 18 from the screens

    Viscount de Brazhelon

    Here is this wonderful article spodvigla me out to take the pen at this late hour.
    I will not write about the author of the article that I personally don’t know, but about those whose behavior usually outwardly repeats the attitude to life set forth in that material.

    I recall a theater in which I once played for a year and I remember with gratitude. The head of the theater organizes a bunch of events for his money that are free for young artists, educates them and develops them. In exchange - only a performance at leading venues, competitions. Some of the former in the theater are today TV and pop stars.

    Repeatedly, people came to me, whom the leader had long and hard taught. And then they left after inappropriate manifestations in behavior, and they always watered the feces of the theater afterwards. None of them, notably, did not achieve serious success in the following years.

    And not so long ago I realized for myself why this is happening. It is not customary in our society, for example, to show fear and weakness - therefore, the leader is not publicly recognized in fear of disruption to the project or weak management skills. Instead, it demonstrates the aggression accepted in society - it yells at subordinates, rolls tantrums, passes on to individuals and so on.

    So it is not customary in Russia to take responsibility for one’s life. But blaming anyone is welcome in any team. Therefore, pleading guilty to a fakap is the fate of a few, but publicly criticizing others and believing in it yourself in the end is a great success.

    It is also not accepted to work, with the exception of IT and a number of other areas - but everyone likes to talk about work.

    Therefore, first of all, it seems to me that we have a clear demonstration of this relationship. And that's fine, get used to it, colleagues. We have a smart, good candidate, who has never doubted himself, but who discerned the inadequacy of leaders.

    I will add at the end of this chapter that, indeed, there are many inadequate leaders. But among business owners, as a rule, they are not there - inadequate ones are selected by evolution (my non-representative sample).

    Golden sand

    In the words of the author, one can trace the desire of what people call "pay with dignity." There is also a desire that the author is respected as a person and a professional. And, of course, everything was spelled out, there were few responsibilities and the work was interesting.

    I can not claim to be the ultimate truth, but I want to note the personal experience and colleagues that up to 90% in any success is a solution to problems. Routines, hemorrhoids, raking Augean stables, and just boring and uninteresting tasks. And often - for long months or years, without the obvious tomorrow and linearly calculated prospects of making hundreds of oil. And, of course, without clearly defined job responsibilities.

    Of course, there are stories that everyone can see - the quick take-off of Vkontakte, Dropbox, the working conditions of the dream team in companies such as Google or Yandex. And then, people usually remember the same Dropbox for “a couple of years and a millionaire,” and not that everyone who could and nobody believed the idea was crap, plus the tasks were already solved, and how many people went through the thorns on the way to to the stars. Or what percentage of people did NOT pass interviews in a dream company.

    But few people take into account the error of the survivor - those stories that are not visible, and which, oddly enough, are noticeably larger. Stories full of work without prospects, routine, stupid bosses, inadequate customers, dangerous partners, and so on.

    Only one thing I want to note is important here that they usually don’t write - time is irreversible. You can try to look for a dream job for years, changing jobs (a resume with a job change once every six months or even a specialty is not uncommon). But a professional is usually forged at the expense of negativity and solving problems that other people do not solve for various reasons. And not in easy work, from where a person sheds after the first difficulties.

    Therefore, alas, choosing the path and following it with dignity is the only path to success, which seems to really work for the majority (if you are not a genius).

    Give positive

    The Chinese word "crisis" consists of two characters: "problem" and "opportunity"

    The only thing that can be noted - in the difficulty of the problems lies their inexhaustible strength. Most of my friends are looking for magical ideas and thinks that the idea will make everyone millionaires.

    While it’s the solution to complex, hemorrhoids problems that no one has solved before you, if only because it is uninteresting or pay little - this is an opportunity to discover yourself. In general, some people believe that only in battle does a person manifest himself. And this is your chance.

    I always undertook work that others did not do qualitatively or to the end for various reasons: they do not value me, they do not pay me, it is not interesting, then and so on. I tried to write applications so that they worked out of the box. Documentation so that then there are no questions about it. And projects so that it is convenient and they solve the problems of users, rather than create a new problem for them.

    And therefore, if you finally stopped looking for an idea and realized that salt is in the implementation, try not to take the most pleasant problem and solve it so that the solution is self-sufficient and convenient. Problems surround us everywhere: security guards at the entrance, handwriting passports; constantly breaking mailboxes; uncomfortable door handles and so on. Without speaking about the Internet - open any site and enjoy problems. Because they and the work of solving them is the real path to success.

    PS Who did not read - highly recommend, The Man Who Sold The Moon, Heinlein. The story of how even a genius needs a lot of work to achieve a dream. Full of beautiful solutions to complex problems. As they say in some articles (perhaps they brazenly and unscrupulously lie!), Reading science fiction develops creativity and can help novice startups.

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