Гром в раю или Почему не следует пользоваться FlylinkDC++

    But there is no friendship between us.
    By exterminating all prejudices,
    We honor everyone with zeros,
    And by units - by ourselves.
    We all look to Napoleons;
    Two-legged creatures millions
    For us, one gun ...

    FlylinkDC ++ is a free and open client file-sharing network Direct Connect and Bittorrent. It is a client derived from DC ++ and is based on the source code ApexDC ++ 0.4.0 (up to and including r4xx) and StrongDC ++ 2.42 (starting from r5xx). BitTorrent support is implemented using the libtorrent library.

    Preface, it's an epilogue

    The article is written as a detailed response to the comment . The developer of FlylinkDC ++ was informed about the presence of all the phenomena described below and confirmed that all of them (except reason # 2, but this is not accurate) were intentionally introduced into the client.

    So, reason number 1

    FlylinkDC ++ has a server part, from where a part of its settings is loaded , which are not editable.

    Some of these settings are responsible for the substitution of hub addresses to which the user connects.

    The substitution is carried out, firstly, on the fly using Ctrl + Q, and, secondly, in the Favorite list. That is, write one address, get another.

    Also recorded a remote change in the list of Favorite hubs after updating the client. Specifically - for the autoconnect, this hub was added there . Then another . And further.

    So adding to Favorites through remote config affects the attendance of the hub

    This is done on a commercial basis, costs 30 euros per month per hub.


    In other words, there is actually a blocking of the hubs on the client side (!?) And the translation (not to be confused with the redirect) of users from one resource to another.

    Reason # 2

    FlylinkDC ++ has a massive problem with filelist return with a non-zero ball; it is downloaded empty.

    Reason number 3

    FlylinkDC ++ is adapted to install two or more connections to the same hub, thereby increasing the load on the server and itself and forging resource statistics. Such situations often arise because of # 1.

    The "clones" in this screenshot are not hub errors due to incorrectly closed connections.

    According to my calculations , FlylinkDC ++ double connects make up from 10 to 40 (!) Percent of users of the three largest DC hubs.

    Double connections are highlighted in red.

    Reason # 4

    By default, the client denies secure connections (!) And allows normal connections , which actually makes it a parasite on ADCs hubs.

    Reason # 5

    FlylinkDC ++ does not allow the use of lists of hubs other than those wired into it with the help of a remote config.


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