The court banned the free distribution of weapons CAD-files, so the creator began to sell them

    Print files for the AR-15 rifle from Defense Distributed. Flash drives with files sold on the open market, which sets the purchaser

    activist for freedom of 3D-printing Cody Wilson from Defense Distributed company has found an original way out of the situation in which it put the decision of the American court to restrict the free flow of files for printing plastic components for pistols and rifles. As a law abiding citizen, Cody has stopped distributing files under a free license - and now he will sell them . “If I can't become a Napster in the world of 3D printing of weapons, then I’m happy to accept the role of iTunes, he said at a press conference on August 28.

    Cody Wilson (right) at the press conference

    Recall that a historic event occurred on July 10, 2018: after five years of trial , the trial between the US Department of Justice and the Second Amendment Foundation, which spoke on behalf of Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed, distributed files for 3D printing of pistols and rifles via the Internet, including the famous Liberator (Liberator) - the world's first pistol, fully printed on a 3D printer.

    Human rights activists managed to defend the freedom of speech and the right to freely publish files on the Internet.

    The Second Amendment Foundation and the Defense Distributed filed a lawsuit against the US Department of State when the Obama administration in May 2013 imposed a ban on the distribution of weapons print files, citing the old Cold War law of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

    In July 2018, by agreement of the parties, the ban was lifted. In addition, the US Department of Justice agreed to pay all the legal expenses of the plaintiff and to additionally compensate for the $ 10,000 fee that Defense Distributed had to pay to the State Department as a result of the previous restriction.

    As a result of the agreement, the state acknowledged that non-automatic firearms up to caliber 0.50, including modern semi-automatic sporting rifles, such as the popular AR-15 rifle and similar firearms, "are not military in nature." Human rights activists consider this not only an important victory for constitutional freedoms and the right to free speech, but also a serious blow to the “left” lobby, which is trying to prohibit citizens from wielding weapons.

    However, on July 30, twenty US states filed a Seattle Federal Court request for a temporary restraining order against Defense Distributed, which had already opened the DEFCAD site (only for American IP) and again began distributing files to print weapons. Within hours, the court issued this order, which prohibits Defense Distributed from freely distributing gun files on the Internet.

    In a joint statement, representatives of 20 US states express the view that the agreement between the State Department and human rights defenders violates the Administrative Procedure Act, as well as the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows each state to regulate firearms within its borders.

    But Cody Wilson found a way out. He interpreted the ban literally: the document prohibits the free distribution of digital models. To get around this limitation, he began selling flash drives with the same information. The price of the goods is set by the buyer (Name Your Price).

    As Cody stated, “several hundred” orders have now been processed: “Anyone who wants these files will receive them. I'm going to sell them, I'll send them. It started this morning, ”Wilson said in a comment to CNN. - It will never stop. The free flow of ideas cannot be stopped. ” He said that the files for the AR-15 rifle were bought by one guy for $ 15, many pay $ 1, there are orders for $ 10 and $ 8. “It's very generous, people are eager to support us,” says Cody.

    The activist shared his plans to realize the sale of files also by e-mail and through a link to download. In addition, the company intends to file an appeal to cancel the aforementioned temporary restraining order.

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