Discussion: Unusual portable acoustics - sports car, retro radio and "audio boots"

    The main purpose of portable acoustics is to give the opportunity to listen to music anywhere. However, many companies that make such systems pay attention not only to the sound, but also to the design of the devices. Today - we will tell about non-standard portable speakers.

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    Italy is famous for sports cars. Not surprisingly, it was the Italian manufacturer - iXOOST from Modena (in the same place, by the way, the headquarters of the Maserati is located) - released an unusual acoustics, the design of which is borrowed from the world of the automotive industry.

    The company became known thanks to the ESAVOX acoustic system, which resembles the block of exhaust pipes of the Lamborghini Aventador . The developers have combined in the design of speakers speakers and the real parts from a supercar. Even the power button is almost like the one that starts the Aventador. The speaker is connected to the playback source via cable or via Bluetooth.

    This is not the only fantasy company on the theme of famous cars. In July 2018, in collaboration with Pirelli Design, she released a column that looks like a wheel of a Formula 1 racing car in miniature. The gadget has nine options - with different tread patterns and color markings that correspond to the type of tire (purple bezel is ultra soft, blue is rain, etc.).

    To the automotive theme when creating portable speakers turned in Germany. The company Porsche in 2017 introduced its acoustic system, in the exterior of which the exhaust system of the sports car 911 GT3 is played up . According to the manufacturer, a couple of such devices give stereo sound: in this case, one gadget "takes over" the left, and the other - the right channel. Or, placed in different corners of a large room, they can play the same music so that it can be heard everywhere.

    A significant disadvantage of the system is the high cost (from $ 599 to $ 21 thousand). Indeed, for such an amount you can buy a real car.


    Retro gadgets are a combination of vintage and modern technology. Ideal for those who not only love good sound, but also tend to nostalgia. Now and then the speakers come out with a design based on the “well forgotten old”.

    Music lovers will surely remember Roland's iconic guitar amp Jazz Chorus . James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica and Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit were played with him. In 2016, the company released the Roland JC-01B portable speaker system .

    She madein the image and likeness of a guitar combo, but smaller than him and has no instrumental input. But it supports Bluetooth and is equipped with a built-in microphone, so that through this acoustics you can talk on the phone connected to it.

    Column Roland JC-01B

    Other legends of the music world - Fender and Marshall also produced portable speakers. Newport speaker with its design resembles the classic Fender '68 amplifiers , and on the front panel of the Marshall Kilburn speaker there is a fabric grill (like on guitar amps) with a company logo.

    The basis for the design of the retro gadget can be taken items from the field of communication. Often the speakers stylize under the old radio . But there is something more original.

    Industrial designers Jinsop Lee and Justin Kim came up with a portable speaker called Dreyfuss special . On the face of the device resembles a telephone handset, which in the middle of the XX century, developed the American designer and designer Henry Dreyfuss ( Henry Dreyfuss ). In the Wired Magazine UK edition, Dreyfuss special was called the rethinking of the classics.

    Modular acoustics and transformers

    Portable speakers find it difficult to compete in sound quality with home audio systems. Separate tweeters and subwoofers will in most cases outperform a portable all-in-one audio device. As a result, one has to choose between portability and multi-directional sound. Manufacturers of modular acoustics are trying to combine these advantages.

    To provide powerful, synchronous sound, speakers of this type can add transformer functionality to the device. For example, in a startup from Sweden they invented portable acoustic Soundots with a special docking mechanism at the top and bottom of each speaker. It allows you to put them together, like building blocks.

    The stack of speakers sounds like a chorus, where all devices are consistent with each other. Thus, instead of a single 15-watt speaker, you will get a 120-watt wall of sound.

    Also, the modular principle can be used to enhance the protection of the gadget. For example, Fugoo manufactured acoustics with a two-part design: the device consists of a speaker and a durable, replaceable “shirt” to protect against dust and water.

    Ultraportable speakers

    Miniature portable speakers are often battery powered and only connected via Bluetooth. Size, of course, affects the sound quality. Typically, devices of this type have one speaker, but their power is enough to play background music at an acceptable level. Polk Audio Boom Bit

    Portable Speaker

    Here are a few compact speakers released relatively recently:

    We should also mention the particularly compact acoustics of the Mini Troll . It is interesting because it makes the resonator any object to which it is attached, and this can make the sound louder and richer. This speaker is also able to transmit sound in all directions at once, by 360 degrees.

    Sports and recreation

    Portable speakers for sports and outdoor enthusiasts are notable for their durability and functionality. Usually they have a shockproof coating, they are moisture resistant and hold a charge for a long time. Some of them are combined with other devices - a flashlight or microphone.

    Come across among them and very non-standard. Wireless portable speaker DreamWave Survivor is no wonder called that: survivor translates as "survivor." Thanks to the starting device for a 400 amp car, it can start a car, if necessary, even a powerful SUV.

    Portable speaker DreamWave Survivor

    Other manufacturers are focusing on protecting the gadget from moisture. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker AOMAIS Sport II 4.0 has a ratingwaterproof ipx7. This means that it can withstand up to half an hour without breaking down at a depth of one meter under water.

    Sometimes devices of this type have an extraordinary design. Moisture-resistant portable speaker Turcom SoundSport is made in the form of a bottle and equipped with a special hook-carbine, for which it is convenient to hang it on a backpack.

    For lovers of relaxing and hiking there are gadgets that combine the functionality of two seemingly incompatible devices. Spinning Hat's Speaker Blanket picnic blanket is also a music system with a headphone jack.

    And in the rubber boots Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies, the manufacturer has built in speakers that connect to other digital devices via Bluetooth.

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