12 questions about scooters that are not ashamed to ask

    The world is firmly hooked on the wheels. I am glad that this time on the right. Among them are scooters. Purely constructive, this is a very simple thing - in a very distant childhood, we were chasing the very same one which is wood and two wheels. Sometimes the wood was painted with Gorodets painting. Transport from childhood terribly thundered, but it seemed almost the most fun in the world, especially when the knees on the asphalt on the hill. And none of us could ever think that he would get back on the scooter as an adult. But which one! Lightweight and durable folding design, silent wheels, shock absorbers, brakes and even an electric motor. And everything begins: “ I am the conqueror of traffic jams! I'm flying over the city! I am a thunderstorm of sidewalks! Damn, how to shove him into the bus? And he will sustain my carcass in 90 kg? And I'm not okryveya? And if you give your son a ride? We have collected the top most exciting questions and are ready to answer them. Well, drove?

    How does a scooter affect health?

    In short, good. In fact, a scooter, like any tool that separates a man’s foot from the ground, carries a potential threat:

    • you can get into a crack on asphalt and fall;
    • with sudden braking of the foot, you can get sprained or fall;
    • when riding in the rain, you can get a more serious injury;
    • well and further on the degree of foolishness: a drunk person on a scooter, riding from a steep cliff, jumping from improvised "springboards" and many other aspects of human fantasy.

    But these are all extreme cases. In fact, a scooter is a useful thing that carries an adequate physical load, which is valid for almost everyone.

    • Before reaching the office or studying on a scooter, making an evening walk on it, you breathe heavily, move and thus burn calories. Not so much (about 450 kcal per hour of intense skiing), but you can work out a burger or a chocolate bar.
    • You do not suffer in a stuffy transport or car, you can get through the green areas.
    • With daily loads, overall endurance increases, dexterity and coordination develop.
    • The muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and abs develop. Thighs become more tightened.

    Of course, in order for a scooter to benefit, like any other physical activity, it must be constant - use the “asphalt” months of the year to the fullest and you will not regret that you took the time to scooter.

    Will he stand me?

    Almost all scooters are designed for a person’s weight up to 100 kg. If you are bigger, then choose electric jigs - a tremendous pleasure, just do not have to stand either (at the bottom we made a selection of the strongest and most popular among Russians).

    Does the scooter have brakes? Are they needed?

    Yes, most modern scooters have brakes. But the scooter is not a supercar or even a bicycle, therefore, its brakes are generally intended for smooth braking during a scheduled stop. But during an emergency can come in handy. That is, if you have almost reached the final destination, you can smoothly slow down, but if you have a question, will you slow down your uncle and check the thesis that your uncle is soft, he will forgive, then it’s best to just jump off . Just keep in mind that at speeds above 15 km / h it is not safe to jump - you can fall. But this is in our average experience, you may have supernormal abilities to overcome inertia.

    There are three main types of scooter brakes:

    1. A fairly frequent way to slow down is to step on the back wing of your vehicle so that it (or the pad under it) presses against the wheel and stops it (hence the name - pressure brake). When buying such a model, you need to remember that sooner or later the wing will have to be replaced.
    2. There are scooters with brake pads - the braking occurs due to the fact that the brake pad is driven by pressing the brake lever. If you ride carelessly and with frequent braking, you will certainly have to change the brake pads.
    3. Disc brakes work by contacting the brake pads with the disc near the wheel. This type of brakes does not spoil the wheels, is durable, durable and reliable, however, adds weight to the scooter and a little to the price tag.

    It is not necessary to give preference to strictly one type of brakes. Just consider the features of your model to be ready for the costs.

    Is it difficult to travel? How far can I go?

    Even typing on a keyboard requires training, and here we are talking about physical activity. If you are not a participant of the marathons and the Iron man, then it is better to go for a while not for long and on asphalt (or another smooth and hard surface). Since, while riding a scooter, you inevitably push off your feet from the surface, you will use your abdominal muscles, legs, especially the back of your thigh and buttocks. This is one of the most "painful" muscles and without proper training there is a risk that in the morning you will come to work with legs flattened or, worse, a pinched nerve. Therefore, increase the length of walks gradually, do not heroes. And another important piece of advice: change your legs in the event of a jolt — you will very quickly adapt yourself to this and the question will soon arise: “And what, can something else be different?”

    In general, a scooter is a transport for short-distance trips: in the village to the store, to work, to study, in the evening along the embankment or in the park. Subjectively - up to 10-15 km (round trip). The speed of modern scooters can reach 30 km / h and higher, but, of course, this is some kind of extreme, requiring equipment and experience. Therefore, it is usually something in the range of 10 to 15 km / h. If you think this is slow, do a test: get on the treadmill and run first at a speed of 10 km / h, then 15 km / h. Well, how long do you go so far? And on the scooter - easy!

    If we are talking about an electric scooter, then it can, on average, cover 25-30 km at a speed of 18-25 km / h.

    If I'm on a scooter, should I drive on the road?

    No, only in pedestrian areas. Traffic regulations uniquely identify the “driver” of the scooter as a pedestrian. The same applies to segways, gyroscooters and mono-wheels. Accordingly, the path of the scooter is a pedestrian sidewalk, you cannot go on a city highway using these means of transport even if you are wearing a helmet and protection. Therefore, if you saw a clever scooter, cutting between cars on a busy avenue, then before you is not a superhero of city streets, but an intruder.

    Some models of electric scooters and gyroscooters can accelerate to 25 km / h and higher. Traffic regulations do not limit the speed of pedestrians, however, they clearly indicate that a pedestrian should not interfere with the movement of others.

    Therefore, remember the safety rules, the existence of a stopping distance and that harming one's health by negligence can entail severe punishment.

    Can I ride a scooter in the rain?

    Of course, nobody will ban you. But it is obvious that there will be little pleasant in this:

    • you will get wet and dirty from splashes, and rubber boots will not help you much - they are too slippery;
    • maneuvers on slippery asphalt may not go as you would expect;
    • braking may be completely ineffective;
    • In the puddles, unexpected and unpleasant surprises can await you: holes, potholes, soil damage on the primer;
    • if we are talking about electric scooters, the risk of closure is unlikely, but it is better not to tempt fate.

    And the manufacturers of scooters themselves do not recommend using them in the rain. If you are still a fan of extreme sports or bad weather caught you by surprise, then after returning home, be sure to wash the wheels, wipe the splashed parts, treat the scooter with special compounds.

    Do I need to change the wheels?

    With careful handling, you are unlikely to have to change wheels. But in case of damage or deformation of the wheel, change it or them immediately to avoid injury. It is inexpensive and simple - even a fragile girl will be able to pick up a special key and replace the wheel. Please choose the wheels of the desired diameter, do not experiment with tuning, it is not safe.

    Scooter and children. From what age? Which one And how can I catch up with my child on a scooter?

    On the market are models of scooters for a very early age. Once the baby has learned to firmly stand and walk, he can pick up a simple plastic model without frills. On such a crumb, you can even move around the apartment, and you have enough for an ordinary adult step to control. The only advice is to show the child immediately how to change legs and how to push off properly.

    But everything changes when they come - children of 8 years and older, our militant advanced accelerators. They are quite suitable adult model (height adjustable steering wheel), but this does not mean that they have adult brains. Explain to the child that the road, as well as the tracks for rollerbladers and cyclists, is not a place for a scooter due to the speed and driving style, tell us that tricks need special stunt models and additional protection. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that among pedestrians there may be children and old people who will be harmed by a collision with a scooter (and the rest too). Best of all, if you have a scooter - so you, firstly, will benefit yourself, secondly, always catch up with the child, thirdly - by your example you will demonstrate the rules of behavior on the sidewalk with such an unusual transport. Finally, a family united by one action

    For a teenager, we would recommend to look at the Xiaomi Ninebot Segway ES1 - this is a solid model for $ 339.99 at a discount (and on the Russian version of the site - so generally $ 309.99 before September 1) with a modest 500 W engine, bright headlights, 25 km of power reserve on the electric motor and speeds of up to 20 km / h and soft tires. He is not aggressive and disposes to pleasant walks without extreme sports.

    By the way, if your teenager does not want to be like everyone else and wants to stand out for something very unusual, then the Xiaomi Ninebot Segway W1 mono-wheel will do for him (will do!) . Awesome thing for the daring and sports - you can get up on two platforms and craft tricks with them, dance, move on electric power for as much as 12 km. WOW effect guaranteed. The price of the question is $ 364.99 (if anything, this is for a couple and for a share, usually more than $ 500).

    STOP! We were talking about a scooter, and you offer a model of the electric scooter? And if it is discharged, drag it to yourself?

    An electric scooter is even cooler than a scooter. At the expense of the engine, he will take you with a breeze a distance of up to 30 km and above (this is a lot). Discharging a scooter is extremely difficult, the rules for it are the same. But if suddenly it is discharged or you want to try without the help of a current, then the electric scooter turns into the most ordinary one, with the difference that it has a higher deck and you will better pump your legs. You do not want to swing your legs - 3 seconds - and you have in your hands a compact 10-12 kg load, which can be transported without any problems and surcharges in any public transport.

    In general, an electric scooter is no longer a hobby, but a domestic vehicle, your trusty reliable Humpbacked Horse.

    I am a business man, a big boss, a stern admin / developer, a stunning girl, a business lady (underline), won't I look ridiculous?

    Now you cannot surprise anyone with a segway and a monowheel, and even more so with a scooter. Moreover, if you ride a scooter, the chances of having a perfectly ironed suit or a terribly creased linen dress are much less likely than in a car or in public transport. True, the problem of sweat remains - but, first, the scooter is not so easy to sweat (especially on electro), and secondly, humanity has learned to deal with this problem.

    Many people choose a stylish scooter that will only complement the image of a purposeful, “flying” person. In this regard, we especially like the Xiaomi scooter - a folding electric Ninebot Segway ES2. He is just distinguished by a strict and laconic silhouette - such a scooter is suitable not only for romp jeans, but also for a suit from Karl Lagerfeld or Brioni (true, unlike them, it costs only $ 409.99 on sale). The scooter has a 700 W engine, accelerates to 25 km / h and is ready to drive you 25 km. At the same time, it weighs only 12 kg, and when folded in the office it doesn’t hurt anyone (and you don’t have to think if you’ve stolen it).

    Can I hang something on the steering wheel (bag, grocery bag)?

    In principle, you can (if this is not a complete bag from Auchan), however, this burden will hang out and beat you on the knees. Scooter from light weight on the steering wheel will be nothing. If you have such a need, it is better to attach a special basket to the front desk: water, food for a snack, a book and a couple of small things it can withstand without problems. But in general, fans of scooters prefer to carry their whole (including laptop) on themselves - in a backpack behind their backs. Convenient, useful, reliable, practical.

    If something broke, scooter - everything?

    Of course not. Scooters are quite easy to repair. If we are talking about problems with a motor or electrician, it is better to contact service centers or repair shops, but most of the design problems can be fixed by yourself:

    • if the wheel is deformed, it is better to change it right away - buy the right one and easily change it with a screwdriver / key / hexagon;
    • if any knots and fastenings on the body or handlebars are loose, adjust and tighten the nuts;
    • if there is a characteristic crash and crash when driving, or you hear an unpleasant screech when you turn the steering wheel - it's time to service for new bearings (it is better not to do it yourself, although it is also possible);
    • if you don’t like the wheel travel, you feel forced braking - wash and lubricate the nodes;
    • if you hear creaking, also check the nodes, clean them from dust and dirt, grease with a special compound.

    In principle, in terms of maintenance, a scooter is not an example simpler than a bicycle - due to its simple and open construction. Count on your strengths and knowledge, but if you are in any doubt, go to the service - yet this is the price of health and safety.

    ABS, cruise control, aluminum body, amazing ergonomics and, most importantly, environmental friendliness. Do you think we are writing off the text from the advertising booklet of the new electric car (not the one that IL-concept is yet)? No, we are just talking about how we saw the Xiaomi M365- A folding electric scooter for $ 444.99. This is a really smart scooter with a cool brake system and cruise control. It also has a high degree of protection against moisture, dust, temperatures, overload and short circuit. With not the most powerful engine of 250 W, it is capable of delivering 25 km / h and transporting you for 30 km (a little less than two Garden rings and a little less than the TTR). And yes, we did not accidentally put it in this question - it is extremely reliable.

    But not Xiaomi united. Another reliable model with a more steampunk design is the Alfawise T0 Shockproof Folding Electric Scooter for $ 339.99. This is the same protected scooter, as the previous one, but can move on the surface with a slope of up to 14 degrees (against 10). The scooter squeezes out up to 25 km / h, is capable of carrying the owner for the same 30 km, has ABS and folds up in seconds. We like it with our deliberately coarse, “engineering” look and durable construction.

    And what are you talking about scooters so at the end of the summer?

    Well, firstly, you still have time to go. Secondly, many people take a scooter on vacation to go, turn their heads, look at beauty and breathe the sea air. Thirdly, we now have good discounts on them, and by the spring everything will become more expensive due to seasonality and inflation. And of course, the dollar rate may not please us - no, no, we are optimists, but you know ... Fourthly, well, this is the coolest gift that even an adult will be happy about. Fifth, we selected the very best models and they can end.

    Generally Gearbestsells scooters and everything else around the world. And sometimes we look at the forums - we are interested in what users are writing about our devices, and especially interesting - how they finish them. So, abroad there are a lot of enthusiastic stories about grandparents who are happy to contemplate green streets from a scooter deck and not getting tired of riding in parks and native places. In Russia, everything is strict: the chassis, bugs, features, a huge amount of DIY (the country of engineers, we have long been convinced of this!). But we know that behind all these posts there is a great pleasure from electro and non-electric scooters, bicycles and gyro-scooters of all stripes.

    Oh well, I want to sit ...

    And we chose the most popular electric Gearbest buyers and one monowheel. All of them are additionally good in that they withstand up to 120 kg - that is, the most solid and big geek along with his backpack and even with an electric scooter :)

    By the way, life hacking - when choosing a product to order, compare prices on the Russian version of Gearbest and the English version of Gearbest , as you can see, sometimes you can earn a few bucks (which, as you know, are not superfluous).

    Do you have a scooter? Which one Did you finish it? Maybe they did it themselves? Share the secrets of design and movement.

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