Netflix, Uber, Google and you on MBLT DEV 2018

    Before the conference of mobile developers MBLT DEV 2018 remained one month. Register , if you are not with us yet, because already on September 1 the price of tickets will increase.

    Under the cut talk about the speakers and reports. Read the descriptions and start preparing questions: give the prizes to the coolest and fearless.

    iOS track:

    One of the most awaited guests, John C. Fox from Netflix, will talk about high-quality application localization, as well as working with aggressive network conditions and A / B testing. Maybe he still knows when the new season of “Stranger Things” will be released?

    Krzysztof Zabłocki, The New York Times is an iOS developer known for creating Objective-C Playgrounds and applications such as Foldify and 3D Game Engines. He will speak on the iOS architecture. Krzysztof will talk about the patterns in iOS and analyze the errors that developers make when using MVC and MVVM. Two speakers come to us

    from Uber : Ben Pious and Ellie Shin. Ben from the Uber Mobile Platform team. He previously worked at Fleksy, in the world's fastest keyboard extension. At the conference, Ben will talk about how the Uber team handles the limitations of working with Swift in a huge code base.

    Ellie Shin before Uber , worked at Spotify and Microsoft. On MBLT DEV she will tell you how to put on a diet mobile application. We learn how to reduce the size of the application, increase its performance and make it attractive to users. We will also discuss binary analysis, optimization, and learn life hacking from Uber.


    Android track:

    Not yet decided on what platform do you want to write? Why not start writing on both using Flutter? Together, Laura Morinigo, Google Developers Expert , will learn about the intricacies of working with Flutter and the features of integration with Firebase to improve your application.

    Kaushik Gopal, Instacart , has been in development for 12 years, is known in the professional get-together for his Fragmented podcast. From the report we learn how to refactor the old application into a new one, with a powerful and stable architecture. Last year,

    Misha Funikov from e-Legion was leading in one of the halls of MBLT DEV, and this year he is already performing! In his report, he will talk about how e-Legion uses korutinas in a production project. Let us examine the difficulties, pros and cons of applying this approach.

    Dina Sidorova from Google is preparing a report on Google Assistant . In order for you to be as interested as possible, we invite you to participate in the creation of the report. List of topics in the survey , choose!

    On I / O 2018, Google announced the Firebase ML Kit, which makes it easy to use machine learning features. On MBLT DEV 2018, Harshit Dwivedi from Coding Blocks will tell you how to work with the API from the Firebase ML Kit.

    Badoo appreciates the speed of development and quality of functionality. To keep a balance between these criteria is not easy. Artyom Rudoytalk about the experience of Badoo on the implementation of a unified design system and accelerate the development of UI. We learn how to develop this system, what problems we faced, and how the development processes changed after integration.

    Alexander Simonenko - Android developer from Alfa-Bank , a fan of automation, scaling and improving development stages, will speak at MBLT DEV 2018 on the evolution of CI \ CD processes for Android applications.

    This is not all conference speakers. Follow the updates on the official website. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you, and waiting is more pleasant with a ticket in your pocket. Moreover, the price will rise this Saturday! By the way, you can get a ticket for free: take part in the questand win cool prizes from MBLT DEV 2018 and conference partners.

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