Ciklum Kiev Java Saturday with guests from England and unusual presentation program completion

    An interesting event awaits all javists as part of Ciklum Java Saturday , which will be held November 23 at the Kiev office of Ciklum.

    What is the uniqueness of this sub-worker? In addition to listening to experienced Java specialists from Ukraine and England , you will have a unique opportunity to participate in unusual activities after presentations from our speakers.

    The event will be opened by speakers from England Christopher Marsh and John Barber , who are employees of the largest and most recognized digital agency of the world in 2012, AKQA.

    From Christopher Marsh you can find out what can be done in the field of mobile applications using your Java experience , which platforms and tools to use. Given that this knowledge can be applied in the organization of your startup or simply expand your technical horizons, the presentation will be interesting to specialists at all levels. Chris works with such well-known companies as Heineken, Fiat, Acer, Sainsbury's, the Army, so he is always at the peak of innovation and trends.
    John Barber, a senior architect with over 20 years of experience, will tell us about Vagrantand how you can create a lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environment that can be deployed anywhere from the desktop through Amazon EC2 and beyond.
    Vladimir Melimuka, a Timlid practitioner and developer with ten years of experience, eight of them in Java, the author of the book “TeamCity 7 Continuous Integration”, an active user and administrator of various continuous integration servers, will give a presentation on the topic “ Continuous Delivery with TeamCity". During the presentation, using the example of TeamCity, Vladimir will demonstrate how Continuous Delivery can be automated in a project using distributed and / or dependent builds. The report will present additional automation tools that TeamCity can provide for running load and integration tests, integrating with Sonar, preparing builds for different deployment environments, be it dev, UAT, production. Aggregation of reports will also be considered using an example of the growing popularity of Thucydides and build metrics.

    At the end of the reports, all participants will have a unique opportunity to take part in an unusual activity , prepared by the famous activist in the IT circles of Kiev Alexander Baglai. The spirit of competition and red-hot gyrus is guaranteed. And what else may be needed for an excellent completion of the IT event?)

    Participation in the event is free of charge by prior registration:
    When: Saturday, November 23
    Time: 11.00-16.30
    Where: Ciklum office, Kiev, st. Amosova 12, BC Horizont, 2nd tower, 20th floor

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