Official Press Release: “1C” in Windows Azure

    Moscow, November 08, 2013. - The leader of the Russian IT market, 1C, and Microsoft agreed on a strategic partnership in developing the cloud business and conducting a series of pilot projects to host 1C solutions on the Microsoft cloud platform. The first solution available on Windows Azure will be 1C: Enterprise: the company's customers will be able to use a well-known solution in the form of a service from the Microsoft cloud.


    Windows Azure provides an affordable and easy-to-use set of services for building and deploying applications in the cloud. The 1C: Enterprise application, an existing company’s solution well known to users, thanks to Windows Azure, will become a fully functional cloud service available on any device - PC, tablet, smartphone. It is planned that it will be sold in a package with the resources of IaaS-functional Windows Azure, as well as technical support.

    The transition to Windows Azure will speed up the deployment of 1C solution in enterprises, taking into account the implementation of industrial needs and individual customer specifics. The partners of the company will be able to improve the quality of service, for example, to improve technological support: since most operations can be carried out remotely, they will be able to serve a larger number of customers per unit of time, as well as concentrate on solving specific problems.

    “Our customers expect us to provide comprehensive solutions to take advantage of the cloud. We offer them different formats: classic hosting or from the Microsoft cloud. Using Windows Azure will allow us to develop a cloud-based business and provide partners and customers of different sizes of business with convenient and transparent mechanisms for implementation, operation and licensing, taking into account the dynamics of their needs, ”said Boris Nuraliev, Director of 1C.

    “We are pleased that 1C, the largest Russian software developer, has launched a series of pilot projects on Windows Azure. Our platform, being an important part of the Cloud OS concept, makes it possible to transfer existing applications to the cloud or develop new ones, ”added Nikolai Pryanishnikov, President of Microsoft in Russia. “We hope that 1C, its partners and customers will appreciate all the advantages of our company's cloud offers, and will receive all the best that the Microsoft cloud can provide, in particular, a flexible and reliable platform in one of the company's secure data centers.” .

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