Important notice for Gitlab Pages users

    Yesterday, some users of Gitlab Pages may have been confronted with the fact that their sites have stopped opening. For example, I received a notification about this from Yandex Metrics on Mon, Aug. 27, 19:20.

    And at night the notice came from Gitlab, the text of the letter:
    During resource cleanup, the public IP address for the Azure pages was accidentally deleted. This will affect all Gitlab pages users who have not yet updated their A record so that it points to the new GCP load balancer.

    We see that you are using GitLab pages with the following user domains): ...

    As a result, to restore public access to GitLab pages, you will need to update DNS A records as follows:

    With IPOn IP

    If you have any questions, you can refer to our blog post .

    We apologize for the drastic changes, we intended to leave the proxy and give users 30 or more days to make the transition.

    GitLab Support

    From myself I will add that the Gitlab Pages service is very convenient, there is everything you need, including auto-heat for popular CMS for static sites. Such an incident is sad, but other amenities are unlikely to make you think about changing this hosting in the near future. Also free.

    If you have something on Gitlab Pages, check the health of the pages now, you probably also need to make changes to the DNS record.

    UPD Now found that the IP change was information August 22, 2018 in a blog . And also on July 19, 2018 .

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