1 MW wave power plant launched in South Australia

    People have known for a long time that the energy of waves can be converted into electricity. In addition, over the years, many wave power plant projects have been proposed, which, for the most part, have been flagged as impractical, or even not feasible. But now the reality has come true, if I may say so: Oceanlinx has put into operation a powerful wave power plant. Power plant capacity amounted to 1 MW.

    This station is located near Port MacDonnell, of course, off the coast. Despite the fact that the power plant works and produces electricity, it is considered a test sample, in the image and likeness of which, in case of successful testing, other power plants will be built. The principle of its operation is based on a system of air ducts, through which, due to the action of waves, air enters the turbine, causing its blades to rotate.

    Of course, such a system is very complex, but, as we see, everything is realizable. The station stands at the bottom of the sea, rising from the water by about 10-15 meters. The designers chose a solution in which it is practically not necessary to transform the seabed to create the foundation. This has reduced the environmental impact of construction.

    The total cost of this station is not so great: $ 8 million. Part of the amount was allocated by Oceanlinx, part (4.4 million US dollars) was provided by the agency (ARENA Australian Renewable Energy Agency). The station will be tested for 12 months. Now the station is not yet connected to the region’s general grid, this will be done after passing a series of tests, a little later this year.

    Next year, if everything goes well, the project will be expanded by installing a larger number of wave converters (this type of converter was called greenWAVE). As a result, the station's capacity will increase to 10 MW.

    An agreement has already been concluded with the energy company Diamond Energy, which will buy the energy of this station, as well as the energy that will be produced by all other power plants of a similar construction built by Oceanlinx.

    Via businessspectator

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