Neurocam: iPhone as an analogue of Google Glass?

    For those who do not want to change their favorite iPhone to the newfangled glasses Google Glass, an unusual solution has appeared.

    The Japanese company Neurowear has developed a device called Neurocam. This gadget is put on the head and with the help of integrated sensors registers brain activity.

    Depending on the parameters of the received signal, brain waves are assigned from 0 to 100 points. If the result exceeds 60 points, the device automatically activates the video, saving the 5-second clip in GIF format. As conceived by the developers, Neurocam will not let pass the memorable moment that provoked an increase in brain activity in the user.

    In the current version, the gadget uses an iPhone smartphone for signal processing, storage of recordings and shooting, which is attached to the side of the Neurocam. Of course, so far the new device is just a concept. It is unlikely that anyone will really want to wear a smartphone attached to the ear in everyday life. Nevertheless, the new technology is of great interest, for example, for manufacturers of augmented reality glasses.

    In the future, Neurowear intends to use its own electronic components instead of the iPhone. About when and at what price the new product can go on sale, not reported.

    Neurocam is by no means the first Neurowear toy to respond to brain activity. Most famous was controlled by the brain Shippo tail and controlled by thought cat ears Necomimi .

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