Habrahabr vs. Habrahabr or Habr in English

    Continuing the theme of the income of authors (and Habr developers :-)) - How to pay to authors and How to pay authors or subscription to Habr - I suggest making an English version of the site. But, most likely, it will be necessary to involve professional translators in the translation, so that the authors themselves do not translate (and not everyone can translate their material well). The English version will dramatically increase the number of users and readers. A contextual advertisingwill call to attract additional profit (and I think quite significant). For Habr, you can make official 2 languages ​​- Russian and English. The only question that remains in such a scheme is what to do with the comments. Although they can also be translated. The mechanisms of work of Habr and Habr can be discussed, but I think that it is very interesting and realistic to implement. Additional users and active participants in the Habr movement are needed by both the creators of the site and the sites.

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