Nokia Lumia 525 & Lumia 720 Dual Sim. We wait?

    Having rustled around today, once again Google in the hope of new information about the Nokia Lumia Dual Sim came across at once the 2 news described in the headline. And although everything is pretty beautiful, there are also small BUT. And now in order.

    Nokia Lumia 525

    As can be judged by the name, this smartphone should replace the 520 model, improving performance and making it more competitive in the market of mobile devices. We turn to the characteristics.

    Nokia Lumia 520 specifications

    • Windows Phone 8 operating system
    • Processor
      Snapdragon 400, two core 1 GHz
    • Size: 119.9 x 64.0 x 9.9 mm Weight: 124 g
    • Display
      4 "IPS, capacitive, touch
      Resolution: 480 x 800 pixels
    • Camera
      5 Megapixels
      Digital zoom 4x
      Video recording: 720p (HD 1280x720)
    • Dimensions of SIM card
      Micro SIM
    • RAM 512 MB
      8 GB internal memory
      Support for microSD memory cards (up to 64 GB)
      Free SkyDrive cloud storage (up to 7 GB)
    • Power
      Lithium-ion battery, 1430 mAh
      in talk mode 2G up to 14.8 h
      In talk mode 3G up to 9.6 h
      In listening mode, music up to 61 h
      In standby mode 3G up to 360.0 h
      In internet mode up to 6.7 h

    So the improvements relate only to the size of RAM, namely, it will expand to 1 GB. And that's all. The remaining characteristics will remain the same. With the development of Windows Store and new technologies, as well as taking into account the features of this OS, this amount of RAM is enough for the budget device itself. But I would like to have small ones, maybe even just for ticking updates, for example, a 6 megapixel camera, and raise the processor frequency to 1.2, well, or in extreme cases, the battery is 1800-2200 mAh.

    Oh yeah, a few more body colors will be trimmed, in 525 there will be only four: white, black, corporate yellow, orange.

    If you believe the rumors, or secret Chinese informants, thanks to whom this information appears on the pages of news publications, the device is expected at the beginning of the next, 2014.

    Personally, I have a Lumia 520 and there is no desire to change it to 525. But more importantly - for half a year, I have never experienced a lack of RAM or “low” processor speed.

    But dvuhsimovy Windows Phone is what many are waiting for, and what many really lack. Go.

    Nokia Lumia 720 Dual Sim

    Somewhere since August I regularly look through news on this topic. There was an announcement in early September and a couple of weeks before the events in Abu Dhabi. And even there were rumors that one of the new devices would be Nokia Lumia Dual Sim. However, it did not happen.

    Today a lot has appeared in the Indian online store , where it is said that the announcement will be in the coming weeks. Even shows the approximate price of 274 US dollars. The characteristics completely coincide with the one-sim fellow, however, after the announcements of 625 and 525 lumi, it is quite reasonable to do something like 725 and 725D and slightly upgrade the iron.

    We will wait for official announcements.

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