Filtering the registry of banned sites for Internet providers

    Many copies were broken around 149-FZ, 187-FZ ("anti-piracy law"). According to Internet users, "everything is bad," according to officials, "everything works fine and efficiently." At times, users feel the effectiveness of the laws on their own skin, especially when, according to the "anti-piracy" law, the entire site is blocked instead of one page. In addition to Internet users, the Internet providers were held hostage. On the one hand, dissatisfied users, and on the other, Roskomnadzor with threats of fines and revocation of licenses. In addition to Roskomnadzor with a registry of banned sites, Internet providers still have local court decisions lodged with prosecutorial claims. How to satisfy the requirements of federal laws, courts and at the same time not cause negative users? The answer is simple - start filtering by URL already.

    The following text provides a description of the CyberFilter.RU service and is intended, for the most part, for representatives of Internet providers who have the issue of filtering sites on the registries of banned sites not resolved or resolved, but not completely. For ordinary users, this post may be useful in order to tell your provider where to go when he again blocks the entire site instead of a single page.

    About CyberFilter

    CyberFilter is a cloud solution that allows telecom operators to filter prohibited resources by URL, domain or IP address. Fulfillment of the requirements of 149-ФЗ, 187-ФЗ (“anti-piracy law”), court decisions without loss of subscribers and implementation of expensive DPI solutions.
    CyberFilter allows you to filter (block) both individual pages of sites and the entire site. Filtering can be done by URL, domain / host or IP address. Easy integration allows you to start using CyberFilter quickly, with minimal changes to the configuration of the equipment of the carrier. Features of CyberFilter:

    • formation of the RPZ zone and route table, according to the registries of banned sites
    • automatic loading and processing of common registries (UAIS and others)
    • private lists of banned sites (to comply with court decisions on blocking sites)
    • filtering by URL, domain, IP
    • viewing and searching the registries of prohibited sites
    • creating users and assigning them roles (for example, for technical support staff)
    • view system usage statistics
    • upstream IP bypass

    How it works ?


    How to start using?

    1. Sign up
    2. Configure BGP and DNS
    3. Configure Proxy

    Examples of BGP, DNS, Proxy settings can be viewed on the project wiki .

    How much is ?

    At the moment, there are two tariff plans - “Light” for 3500 rubles per month and “Standard” for 5000 rubles per month. Their main difference is in the “Standard” tariff, a multi-user mode, i.e. you can create additional users and assign them specific roles, for example, "view only".

    After registration, 1 month is provided for free testing.
    We invite you to cooperation. Additional information can be obtained through the feedback form on the CyberFilter.RU website .

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