YouTube Center

    YouTube Center is the best browser extension I have seen on the YouTube site. I can not help but share.
    Actually, this extension solves, if not all, then most of the problems that we encounter on YouTube and which we have often recalled on the hub. The extension itself was also discussed on this site, but it is so good and convenient that it deserves a separate post.

    YouTube Center Features

    Addition allows:
    • place video in the center of the page ( 1 )
    • indicate player size ( 2 )
    • specify video quality ( 3 )
    • disable auto-play and video buffering, including on Linux in HTML5 ( 4 )
    • disable Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (Dash), which does not allow moving freely along the clip, because buffering starts anew every time ( 5 )
    • disable ads, including ads within the video ( 6 )
    (the numbers in brackets indicate links to comments on the Habré, in which they talk about the desirability of such functions on YouTube)

    There are other small goodies, like the possibility:
    • download videos (with a choice of quality, format and title of the video)
    • delete video sentence at the end of viewing
    • specify player type (Flash or HTML5)
    • specify the resolution in which the videos are uploaded
    • add auto backlight, choose its color and transparency
    ... and much more.

    As a result, you get something like this (clickable): However, all functions are highly customizable, and your version may be completely unlike this. The main thing is that there will be an opportunity to choose, and how to use it is up to you. The YouTube Center extension is cross-platform. It works under Windows and Linux (verified), download statistics indicate that it is installed on both Mac OS and Android. There are versions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera (including Opera <15>), Safari, Internet Explorer, Maxthon Extension home page:

    After installing the extension, the settings icon appears on the YouTube page in the upper right corner. The settings panel conveniently opens on top of an existing YouTube page and allows you to configure a lot of different parameters.

    Install YouTube Center

    A few words about installing YouTube Center.

    For Firefox and Opera, everything is very simple, YouTube Center is on the add-ons page, where it is easy to find and where it is convenient to install.


    Google Chrome

    This extension was not in the Chrome Web Store approved.
    To install this extension in Chrome, you will have to download it to your computer from the extension’s home page using the Chrome addon link .
    Then open the Chrome browser extension page: chrome: // extensions / and drag the file with the extension onto this page.

    What is interesting, despite the fact that the YouTube Center was not approved in the Chrome online store (why, by the way? Are there no versions?), There appeared the extension of the same name by another developer, rather clumsy and incomprehensible. It is believed to optimize video for widescreen monitors. In fact, it shifts the player to the side, pressing it closely to the left side of the screen, does not change the size of the player, does not add settings, does not create any new functionality and does not block ads.
    Where this extension came from, which is called exactly the same as the existing one, is not clear.

    Internet Explorer

    The most difficult, as always, installation of the extension for Internet Explorer. So complicated that it offers a separate rather big tutorial .
    I'll try to cut it a little.

    First, install the free add-on for Internet Explorer - IEPro
    Unfortunately, this add-on is no longer supported, it is not available on the official website. Download IEPro here .
    During the installation process, they suggest installing ProgSense. We refuse.

    After installing IEPro, go to the folder C: \ Program Files \ IEPro \ userscripts (for 64-bit systems C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IEPro \ userscripts) and delete all the files that are there

    for IE 11, download YouTube Center 2.0 ;
    for IE 10 and below - YouTube Center 1.32.4 and place them in the userscripts folder that we just released.
    To do this, right-click on the link, select "Save Object As ..." in the context menu, specify the path to the userscripts folder and rename the file 622431.user.js to YouTubeCenter.ieuser.js.

    Go to the settings.

    In Internet Explorer 11, you need to disable the advanced protected mode ( how to do this. Instructions ).

    Disable Grab Pro.
    Tools - Browser Properties - Programs - Add-on Management - disable Grab Pro and IE7Pro Grab and Drag, leave IE7Pro BHO and IE7Pro Preferences enabled.

    We reboot the browser. The IEPro icon appears on the command line panel. Click on this icon, go to the IEPro settings. In the "Options" section, leave a checkmark in the line "Scripts and add-ons", in the "Scripts" section, check the boxes "Allow user scripts" and "YouTube Center": the

    quest was the same, but if everything was done correctly, a gear will appear on the YouTube page - YouTube Center extension settings icon.

    To summarize

    What are the advantages of such a comprehensive expansion from my point of view.
    To implement all the functions it offers (choice of video quality, increasing the size of the player, disabling autoplay, additional video settings, the ability to download video, etc.) in Chrome, you need to install a bunch of other add-ons:

    Run video in HD quality:
    Auto For the YouTube HD

    Increasing the size of the player:
    Youtube Resize

    Turn off Autoplay video
    Stop Autoplay For
    (you can turn off autoplay in your browser settings)

    YouTube video Video Download

    Block ads
    Adblock manages this on other sites, too, so you can

    ignore it. Darken the contents of the page around the player:
    Turn Off the Lights

    YouTube video settings Options In

    total we get six extensions, instead of one.
    But even if you install all of them, the result will not be as convenient for using the site as a single well-thought-out extension.

    The YouTube Center also has disadvantages.
    It is not always possible to download a video in 1080 quality, although such a resolution is indicated for it, the music is downloaded in a format that involves its conversion.

    Video viewing is not implemented at all in countries where it is prohibited for viewing.
    To watch such a video, you can use the Unblock YouTube site or the ProxTube extension for Google Chrome, Firefox , which automatically processes and allows you to view all inaccessible video.

    But in general, the YouTube Center makes using the site more convenient and comfortable than provided by the developers.
    It would be great for all popular sites to create such extensions. Even better, if the functionality provided by the extension was implemented by the site developers themselves, but this is already from the realm of fantasy.

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