19-year-old Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli (Gabriele Cirulli) created an extremely exciting game 2048 , crossing Tetris and "Fifteen."

    On each round in the game two tiles appear with the number "2". By clicking the arrows, you need to reset them to the side, while the tiles of one "face value" are added. Winning is counted when the result of 2048 is reached.

    For successful addition points are awarded in accordance with the face value of the tile. Despite the apparent simplicity, winning in 2048 is very difficult. The author says that he has the best result - about 6,000, despite the fact that he himself has been playing all day without a break. However, several still managed to win .

    The program code is open . By the way, there are similar games Threes and 1024! for iOS.

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