Project blogs are the easiest way to share information within the company.

    A well-known fact and a typical problem - in a software company, people from different projects know little about what their colleagues are doing. No matter how well organized informal communication is, a lot of useful information is still not revealed in everyday conversations.

    And it would seem that such a simple tool as project blogs - and really capable of great help in transferring important information between project teams:
    • new components that can be used in neighboring projects
    • 3rd party integration code
    • found workarounds of problems
    • important documents, regulations
    • and much more that can be useful and save a neighboring team a lot of time, and accordingly money in general for the company.
    Blogging itself is now very common, so many people in the team will participate in the development of the project blog - leaving their messages and participating in discussions, thereby "heating up" the communication channel between project teams.
    Imagine how important this is in a large project, on which several teams work on various parts.

    And of course, as with the introduction of any new tool, it is important not to forget that project blogs should be easily accessible to all interested, and ideally should be integrated into the project environment - a tool with which you work daily.

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